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    Clare Crawley From "The Bachelorette" Explains Why She's Wearing A Diamond Ring

    Clare is full of surprises!

    Is Clare Crawley engaged? The Bachelorette star sparked a lot of questions when she sported a diamond ring on her left hand on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    As the newest lead for The Bachelorette, Clare had everyone thinking she found her true soulmate on the show — but she says her ring has a completely different meaning than what we all think it is.

    "People have noticed I wear this ring on my wedding finger, and have asked why! The truth is because it is a commitment to myself first and foremost, to embody self-love," the reality TV star said on Instagram while flaunting her jewelry.

    "In the past I found myself getting into relationships where there was little to no reciprocity, and in the end would feel depleted and empty,” she continued. “This is my promise to myself, to make sure [I've] always had enough self-love that, no matter what happened, I was committed to loving myself unconditionally, and that is something no man could take away from me.”

    What a beautiful promise!

    Season 16 of The Bachelorette kicked off in early October, and so far there are a few handsome guys who've caught Clare’s eye.

    Moments after meeting Dale, Clare said she “just met her husband,” and she also shared a kiss with contestant Blake Moynes, who asked her how she was doing in quarantine.

    Although it could be anyone’s game, Clare seems to be really interested in Dale. During a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said their first encounter felt like an unforgettable moment.

    "That feeling that I've never felt before... just standing in front of a man, connecting on that level, and it being electric between each other — I've never felt that [connection] instantly like that before," she said.

    If all goes well, Clare could be leaving the show with two diamond rings!