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    16 Tweets About People Who Are Incredibly Confused About Periods

    But really, should tampons be kept in first aid kits?

    1. This man who doesn't seem to know anything about where tampons go.

    A man today thought there were right and left tampons

    2. And this boy who confused a pen for a tampon.

    3. This dad who is a big old scaredy cat.

    A period pad fell out my bag at my dad’s and he said ‘you’ve dropped a PLASTER on the floor by the way’ looool imagine being a FULL GROWN MAN and still being intimidated by a fcking PAD 😂😂😭😭😭

    4. This man who is vastly overestimating the experience of using a tampon.

    i often think about the time a grown man told me i was “freaky” when i was 15 bc i mentioned i used tampons n when i asked why he said because i was “having an orgasm everytime i put one in” and then told me i didn’t need to be “shy” when i said that wasn’t how it worked

    5. This guy who doesn't understand that tampons are precious cargo.

    I made a wh*te man upset at the airport when I asked him if he could watch my bag and he said ‘is there anything valuable’ and I said ‘3 tampons’ and then he essentially had a stroke

    6. This guy who...I'm not even sure what he thought.

    my man really asked what flavor tampon I need

    7. This man who really shouldn't have skipped sex ed all those years ago.

    Mom had to explain to a 40+ year old man where a tampon went...

    8. This guy who has not considered the fact that girls also have knees.

    Until women experience this, I don’t wanna hear about period pains.

    9. And this one, who similarly hasn't noticed that women also have ankles.

    Girls wana be talking bout period pains. Have you ever rolled your ankle over like this? 😱

    10. This person who has confused a tampon with a vibrator.

    i’m a big proponent of comprehensive sex ed because a guy told me he didn’t understand why girls complain about periods because they get to wear tampons so it’s like they’re having sex all the time

    11. Cody, who would be risking toxic shock syndrome if he was to use a tampon.

    Cody really thought girls only use one tampon a day during their period.. i just.. hahahahaha

    12. This woman who shouldn't be so scared of a few tampons.

    I'm carrying a transparent bag with a box of tampons and a lady said I should go back to the shop and get a brown paper bag. In this economy, this woman has time to worry about someone else carrying a box of tampons. Must be nice.

    13. This nosey person who thinks boys should be shielded from the "P" word.

    one time i was talking to my ex boyfriend about my period and the person sitting next to me later said "holy shit you talk to your boyfriend about your period?" and i was like...why wouldn't i? so anyway, definitely don't date OR fuck someone who says "ew" re: your period.

    14. This dog who made a dire mistake.

    One minute you’re walking your dog, thinking about what a handsome gentleman he is. The next, you’re shrieking about the plastic tampon applicator he’s chewing like a cigar.

    15. This man who will probably want to wash his hands later.

    This boy str8 up playing with ma moon cup. It's a reusable tampon but I ain't bout 2 tell.

    16. And finally, this guy who might actually be on to something thinking about it.

    I told a man at a party that I needed a tampon and he checked the first aid kit 😂

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