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Go Wedding Dress Shopping And We'll Tell You When You'll Get Married

Are you going to be walking down the aisle soon?

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  1. How are you going to prep for your wedding dress appointment?

  2. Will you have a glass of Champagne while you browse the dresses?

  3. How are you going to describe your dream dress to your consultant?

  4. What's your budget?

  5. Who have you brought to your appointment?

  6. What kind of ~vibe~ are you going for for your wedding?

  7. Pick a dress to try on first:

  8. Your entourage *hate* it, but you think it looks great. How do you react?

  9. Second dress time! Let's go for something completely different – which outfit is it?

  10. Your entourage finds an amazing dress but it's *way* over your budget. Do you try it on anyway?

  11. Okay, it's time to try on a final dress – which one is it?

  12. Everyone loves it, what accessory are you going to add to it before you make your decision?

  13. What colour are your bridesmaids going to wear?

  14. How are you going to customise your dress?

  15. You think you've found what you're looking for – are you going to say yes to the dress?

All imagery courtesy of Getty Images / iStock.