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    28 TV Shows That People Hate, But Keep Watching Anyway

    "What’s fifteen more hours of my life these days?"

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the shows they hate, but still watch. These are some of their answers:

    1. Glee

    @foxtv / GIPHY / Via

    "I started watching Glee to see what all the hype was about. I got through the first two or three episodes – they made forty minutes feel like forty hours. It can be over-the-top cringe, but I'm still watching it because what could be a better quarantine show."


    2. Orange Is The New Black

    @NETFLIX / GIPHY / Via

    "After Poussey died the plot went downhill but I had become so invested in some of the characters that I needed to see the end. They did Blanca and Pennsatucky so damn dirty."


    "I started it when quarantine began and it really went off the rails during the prison riot. I’m just finishing it because I’ve already invested too much time. What’s fifteen more hours of my life these days?"


    3. The Vampire Diaries

    CBS / The CW / GIPHY / Via

    "It was a show that I was addicted to when it first came out because of all the pretty people and I grew up during the vampire craze but as I grew up I stopped watching it. Earlier this year I saw it was all on Netflix and decided to torture myself and by-proxy my husband by watching! After season three there were some things the characters said or did that literally made us groan from cringe but I kept on watching it because I thought it couldn't get more ridiculous but boy, it continued to surprise me right to the end!"


    4. Big Brother

    @bigbrother / GIPHY / Via

    "I hate all the dumb drama, but I can't help but watch it with my mom. This season was lowkey good though."


    5. Money Heist

    @netflix / GIPHY / Via

    "I don't agree with what they're doing, I hate the needless violence, and I hate their stupid mistakes that puts others in danger – the show just really stresses me out. But I do love the characters anyway and I need to know what happens to them so I keep watching."


    6. Friends

    @friends / GIPHY / Via

    "Friends... I hate to admit that I like that damn cornball show."


    7. Pretty Little Liars

    @prettylittleliars / GIPHY / Via

    "It started off so strong and the characters were super interesting. Unfortunately, as time went on there were plot holes, the character growth went downhill, and it just got to the point where it was all unbelievable."


    8. Selling Sunset

    @netflix / GIPHY / Via

    "There was so much drama. A lot of the characters were bad people, and/or self centred. They all talked so much behind each others' back and then would snitch. Yet, I still watched all three seasons."


    9. Grey's Anatomy

    @abcnetwork / GIPHY / Via

    "It’s been on since I was twelve so I feel like I have an obligation to see it through, but I only enjoy about one episode a season."


    "All the doctors are so unprofessional, having sex here, there and everywhere; running the hospital single-handedly, you don’t see a single personal assistant or administrator. Who puts the patient details in the system for you Meredith?

    But my god, I am invested in the highly unprofessional relationships."


    "I hate it. Most of the original cast members are gone, it's just bad romance and worse storylines, and terrible character development. But by God if it doesn't hook you in."


    "I keep watching each season because I keep saying, 'I’ve made it this far, I need to see it through.' But every season since Christina left has just made me madder and madder with what is happening and I wish every season that it will be the last."


    "I used to LOVE this show. Now, I just watch it because I've invested too much time into it. I hope it ends soon."


    10. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

    @thebachelorette / GIPHY / Via

    "I'm just hate watching at this point."


    "It’s definitely not the romantic series they think it is – it’s just a whirlpool of drama and I get sucked in every time."


    "Every single episode I say something along the lines of 'I hate that I like this.' But it’s so unbelievably stupid and ridiculous that it becomes the funniest thing ever. My mom and my sisters and I all laugh our heads off every time."


    "It’s mind numbing. I complain about them the whole time but still they suck me in and I can’t stop watching. It’s honestly like watching a car wreck, I can’t look away."


    11. Say Yes To The Dress

    @tlc_network / GIPHY / Via

    "I can't stand the bride's entourage most of the time – it's like 'you aren't the one who's going to be wearing the dress so why does it matter if you like it or not! Shut up and let her be happy if she wants the dress she should have it!'"


    12. Riverdale

    @netflix / GIPHY / Via

    "I can’t explain why, but I just can’t stop watching it. i’m aware that it is awful, but it’s my ultimate guilty pleasure."


    "During quarantine I watched all the good shows and that stupid thing was left. I don’t know why I watched but now I’ve seen all of it – my mind died."


    13. Degrassi

    Playing With Time Inc. / Via

    "I watched since season one, but by season thirteen, I was in my mid 20s and I was no longer the target demographic. I had been watching this show for ten plus years and I was going to ride it out to the end."


    14. Gossip Girl

    The CW / GIPHY / Via

    "I’m actually a first time watcher, currently in the middle of season two, and even though I know who Gossip Girl is (worst kept TV secret EVER) and I actually hate all the characters, I can’t stop binging it whenever I have some free time! PLEASE SEND HELP."


    "It's so bad, it's good."


    15. Dancing With The Stars

    @dancingwiththestars / GIPHY / Via

    "It's all has-been celebrities with the same sob stories, and I always know exactly who the top three will be after the first episode. Yet still, here I am, season after season, yelling at '90s boy band members to keep their shoulders down."


    16. Vanderpump Rules

    @slice / BRAVE TV / GIPHY / Via

    "The first two seasons were actually really good. The people were still real because they weren’t famous enough to be faking stuff. Season two had one of the most entertaining and dramatic arcs ever – it was brilliantly executed for a reality show. After season four it really started to lose the charm it had, and now I just watch because i can’t seem to let them go, even though it’s mind numbing."


    17. Gilmore Girls

    @gilmoregirls / GIPHY / Via

    "After Rory goes to Yale and meets Logan, its all going downhill. Yet somehow, I keep rewatching the whole thing."


    "The revival was so bad and yet, I've seen it three times."


    18. The Flash

    @thecrave / THE CW / GIPHY / Via

    "It got ridiculous really fast (no pun intended). I know it's part of the show's charm but the cheesy levels have hit a drastic point now. I still love the show but I'll admit it's a guilty pleasure."


    19. Stranger Things

    @strangerthings / GIPHY / Via

    "I hate the storyline and the characters. I have no idea why I still watch it."


    "I love Stranger Things' plot but I am a wimp when it comes to scary things, so sometimes it's a little much for me."


    20. How I Met Your Mother

    @hulu / CBS / GIPHY / Via

    "Listen, the beginning of the show was actually funny and there are some really good episodes throughout the seasons but overall it's very problematic and the last season/ending was a disaster, still I consider a very comforting show and watch it more often than I'm proud to admit."


    21. Jersey Shore

    @jerseyshore / GIPHY / Via

    "It is the definition of trash TV but it's so addictive!"


    22. Supergirl

    @dccomics / GIPHY / Via

    "That show went downhill after the first season but I still watch it because I have a bad habit of not leaving any thing incomplete. So I have to watch a show until its last episode even if it sucks."


    23. Pen15

    @hulu / GIPHY / Via

    "Pen15 made me cringe so much and it brought back so many awkward memories but I kept on watching it cause it’s really funny."


    24. America's Got Talent

    @agt / GIPHY / Via

    "America’s Got Talent makes me so angry. It’s not a bad show I just get really worked up about it – some of the decisions don’t make sense, the judges are inconsistent, and sometimes you can tell a decision was made behind the scenes for shock value."


    25. 90 Day Fiancé

    @tlc_network / GIPHY / Via

    "Some of the couples are the worst but I just need to see the train wreck unfold."


    26. 13 Reasons Why

    @13reasonswhy / GIPHY / Via

    "The first two seasons were good, the third was awful, and I'm still trying to finish the fourth and be done with it."


    27. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

    @kuwtk / GIPHY / Via

    "My friend told me about it and we watched a couple episodes. And I was hooked on it for a really long time. Now I just watch it because I don’t really have to think while I watch it. It’s just sort of mind-numbing, but still entertaining."


    28. Supernatural

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

    "Supernatural is definitely not what it used to be, but after fifteen seasons I'll be damned if I'm not going to see those boys to the end."


    "I feel like I'm being held hostage by Supernatural at times, but have I stopped watching it? Absolutely not."


    Some submissions have been edited for length or clarity.

    Tell us which show you still watch, even though you hate it in the comments and you could be featured in a similar post. Follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!

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