19 Weirder Than Weird Things That People Have Witnessed At Work

    Turns out a lot of people like to poop on the floor.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest things they've seen a colleague do, and it seems like the office is a hotbed for wild behaviour:

    1. The Reptilian Daycare

    "A colleague of mine brought her pet iguana to work cause she was moving that weekend. It was on her shoulder, on her desk or in her backpack. A lot of people were grossed out by it but I held it. Imagine 10 hours at work with an iguana. Weird." - nidaarien

    2. The Anywhere Is A Toilet If You Really Think About It

    "I once had to discipline an employee who took a shit in the company car park. We watched the CCTV in the hearing and when I asked why she did it she proceeded to tell me and her line manager that she couldn’t be bothered going to the toilet so shat on the floor instead. It’s true, us HR folk do get the crappy jobs." - oweng4c8fac09b

    3. The Clippings Menace

    "One of my coworkers would clip their fingernails and toenails and then proceed to throw them at people. When she got the nail clippers out, that’s when everyone knew to get away." - izzydog777

    4. The Practice Makes Perfect

    "During a department meeting I watched a colleague perform what I can only describe as oral sex on a yogurt container. She ate the yogurt then proceeded to get face deep by licking the entirety of the container. It was interesting to say the least." - Honu22

    5. The Penny Pooper

    "I didn’t witness the actual event but I had to deal with the aftermath. In my last job as a manager someone came and told me that there was a dump on the toilet floor. When I checked it out it was there in all it’s glory with a 5p coin stuck in the top like a little flag. Never found out who committed the crime but still have nightmares about it to this day" - absolutelynobody

    6. The Carb-inator

    "I saw a colleague microwave and eat four potatoes for lunch. No salt, no butter. Just potatoes rolling around on a plate." - desib48ea6201d

    7. The Wardrobe Error

    "In the office I used to work in we had a massive problem with hygiene in the female toilets. One day, someone took a massive poo in the middle of the floor of the toilets — not even in one of the cubicles! The manager called a meeting with all the women in the office and it turns out that someone had poo-ed themselves while wearing wide leg trousers, and it plopped out when she was walking to the cubicle. She cried in the office, and handed her notice in. Never saw her again after that day" - Annie

    8. The Farmyard Friends

    "I had a colleague who was trying to raise chickens at home. She and her husband didn’t have their operation entirely set up when they got their first batch of chicks, so she brought a cardboard box full of them into the office, with a heat lamp, which she set up under her desk. I think the fact that I’m ornithophobic is only incidental to how freaking weird this was." - lilkyo46fd9284b

    9. The Pimple Popper

    "The cash register monitor at my job isn’t glare-free so it almost functions as a mirror too. I witnessed my coworker attempting to pop her pimple in front of the monitor. We work at a restaurant." - jeankala14

    10. The Dental Hygienist

    "A guy walked up to my desk to ask a question while he was actively flossing his teeth. I told him to go finish and then come talk to me." - word2dakittycat

    11. The Fishy Fiend

    "My ex boss used to drain her daily tin of tuna into a wastepaper bin before eating it with her hands. I worked there for three years and I can honestly say, I don’t think I ever saw her use a utensil OR wash her hands after eating. Gross." - nicm47fca9b76

    12. The Condiment Queen

    "I was working a one-night gig helping collect and organize ballots and equipment at the county office on election night. One of the other workers was eating yellow mustard packets you get from fast food restaurants. She would just take one, rip it open, and squeeze it into her mouth. She probably went through 2 dozen over the 6-hours that I was there.

    I’m a big fan of yellow mustard, but it really grossed me out. I’m not sure if I was more freaked out by my county’s voting record or her snacking habits." - KellyLizzyLucky

    13. The Beard Trimmer

    "I used to work the graveyard shift at my job and one of my co-workers would rip his beard hairs out and then chew on them. THEN he'd spit them out into a cup he had. Ugh I still shudder about it" - sarahgg1995

    14. The Power Play

    "I once went to a meeting where a very senior person ate a whole orange like an apple. Skin and all. It was very confusing." - alexandraeneads

    15. The Poopcasso

    "So... about every six months or so we get an email from HR regarding someone smearing poop on the walls of our bathrooms. They say they know who is responsible, but lo and behold Poopcasso strikes again! We have no idea if it is a finger smudge or a whole manifesto written in poop...but it happens about every six months. The poop bandit leaves their mark." - CallmeQ

    16. The Hot Diggity Dog

    "Watched a colleague heat up some hot dogs in the microwave and drink the brine from the can. I still get shivers when I think about it." - tanya92

    17. The Biscuit Licker

    "I worked with someone who regularly brought breakfast biscuits to work. Every morning before the working day officially started, she would open a pack of these biscuits and have them with her morning coffee. BUT as she opened the packet, she would lick the biscuits both sides slowly with her tongue, then dip them in her coffee and then suck on them. She did this every day I worked with her and I assume she hasn’t stopped. Both gross and weird... It totally freaked me out." - laur4a100fe54

    18. The Sandwich Squisher

    "At the office of a consultancy job I do, someone sat on an egg sandwich all morning then proceeded to stand up, remove egg sandwich, and eat it" - arushie

    19. The Clean-Up Job

    "I walked into our bathroom at work and when I opened the door there was poop everywhere. It was all over the floor and smeared on walls. One of my co-workers was standing at the sink rinsing out her poop-filled underwear. I stood there and must have looked as shocked as I felt and she looked up at me and made eye contact, wrung out her underwear stuffed them in her pocket and just walked out. She just left all the poop where it was and went back to her desk. She didn’t call the cleaners or anyone. I had to go to our manager and tell her the state of the bathroom but didn’t rat my coworker out, I just said I found it like that." - traceyh4

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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.