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    12 People Who Didn't Quite Get What They Were Expecting

    DCK 247.

    1. This person who didn't read the small print.

    Losing my mind because i ordered what I thought was a very affordable wool sweater (like Chris Evans in Knives Out obviously) from a Norwegian website and what I got was the raw materials necessary to create said sweater myself

    2. This motorist who might be giving off the wrong vibes now.

    Well, friends. This is what came in the mail. I’m gonna need something else, please.

    3. This traveller whose view is a bit different to what they imagined.

    This airbnb is *almost* perfect 😬🙅‍♀️

    4. This Apple customer who got an insight into the brain of her support helper.

    @kelseydarragh / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kelseydarragh

    5. This Dappy fan who...didn't quite get the reaction they expected.

    6. This cook who didn't get the sous chef they deserved.

    being into straight men is surreal. one time a few years ago I had a guy over for dinner and he asked to help cook so I told him to halve the cauliflower and when I looked over he was literally trying to rip it apart. with his bare hands. most insane thing I've ever witnessed

    7. This hungry girl who just wanted a quick snack.

    @kaylamarino7 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kaylamarino7

    8. This club goer who got their phone back and also received this gift.

    lost my phone in the alps in a club and someone handed it into the bar ! i found this vid the next day and i love her please twitter help

    9. This person who is now a postman I guess?

    My postman has left his sack on my doorstep. What does this mean? Am I the postman now?

    10. This guy whose phone recorded more than he was bargaining for.

    So I was about to hit send on an email to our apartment’s coop board (about the rooftop fans) when I got into a little argument with my daughter. And - somehow - this is what I ended up sending to my building:

    11. This traveller who was er, surprised by their room.

    Flight out of Chicago cancelled so I’ve been put up in the O’Hare Comfort Inn. Lady at reception said I’m in the ‘Boardroom Suite’. I thought to myself “weird name”, then walked into this... 😂

    12. And William, whose postman most definitely knows what he ordered.

    “your sex toy will be shipped in a discreet package” the package:

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