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    17 People Told Us The Most Embarrassing Thing That Happened To Them This Year

    "I just kind of stood in the aisle with my poopy pants on display to the world."

    We asked our BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most embarrassing thing that had happened this year and well, the stories are priceless. Here are some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it):

    1. The Melodic Fart.

    "I do a lot of embarrassing things but the most embarrassing would probably have when I was at choir and we were singing this gorgeous piece of music and during a quiet period I farted SUPER loudly. The people around me looked disgusted and I wanted to crawl into a hole and die that day."


    2. The Poop Escapade.

    3. The Glue Lips.

    "Teacher here: after a long day of teaching I was casually talking to some other teachers and I reached into my pocket for chapstick, but pulled out a glue stick instead. I put it on my lips and the other teachers just stared in shock."


    4. The Crotch Bump.

    "I was playing assassin with popsicle sticks with my neighbour who is a 6"5' grown man. For context, I'm a 5"3' 16 year old. I had him cornered behind a door so I whipped around with my stick in my hand and stabbed him. Unfortunately, where my arm holds a stick is right where his crotch is so I stabbed him right in the crotch. I just paused for a second as I realised what had happened and then ran away. It’s been five months and I still can’t look him in the eyes."


    5. The Bum Note.

    6. The Edible Embarrassment.

    "I ate an edible at a party and got so high that I fell asleep in a closet."


    7. The Social Media Mishap.

    8. The Sex Toy Sighting.

    "I had to call maintenance in the middle of the night for a noise coming from my utility room. As he was in there, I spotted that my dildo was on top of the sink. In a panic I threw it under the sink. The maintenance person said it was an alarm that goes off in case of flooding and then immediately went under the sink to check the pipe. My dildo was right next to it. I didn’t say anything and neither did he, but he had a smirk when he left later."


    9. The Shitty Confession.

    "I accidentally said that I needed a shit out loud while at the supermarket. The cashier lady looked at me and told me what aisle the tissue paper was."


    10. The Wrong Number.

    11. The Hot Dentist.

    "I ran into my hot dentist at the shops and spent ten minutes talking to him before realising I was swinging around a pair of panties. Fast forward to check out, and I was still embarrassed and telling a friend 'at least you didn't hold a pair of panties while talking to your hot dentist!' Only to turn around and see him right in front of us."


    12. The Awkward Interaction.

    13. The Bumper Prank.

    "I was eight months pregnant in a hotel elevator and stood near the panel where you select your floor level. As I turned my bump hit the emergency button, which set off the fire alarm for the entire hotel. Everyone had to evacuate. The fire department was called in and a bridal party that was getting ready looked super pissed. The manager thought I pulled it as a prank."


    14. The Silent But Deadly Fart.

    15. The Frog Fiasco.

    "I was on my way home from school and I was walking down the stairs (in the school), and there was a freaking frog on the step! I was terrified so ran down the last bit, but I fell and dropped all my stuff and when I looked up, my crush was looking right at me!"


    16. The Every Girls' Nightmare.

    "One time on my period I had bled through my pad in school, and the blood had gotten on the chair i was sitting on, so I had to run and get a napkin to get it off before anyone saw."


    17. The Teary Trial.

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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