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    12 Things You Need To Know About The Italian City Where They Are Filming The New James Bond

    The City of Caves is calling.

    Matera is a tiny city in the Basilicata region of southern Italy. It also just happens to be where they are filming the new James Bond film, No Time To Die.

    I recently made a two-night stop there while travelling around the neighbouring Puglia region and I. FELL. IN. LOVE. Here are some of the reasons why...

    1. The old city is only around four square miles so you can easily explore all the main sites in a day trip if you're limited on time.

    2. But why take just a day when you can relax and really soak in the beauty of the city?

    3. Matera is known as the "city of caves" as the Sassi were originally inhabited by cave-dwellers nearly 35,000 years ago!

    4. The Sassi di Matera were once known as "the shame of Italy"...

    5. But now lots of the caves have been turned into boutique B&Bs and hotels.

    6. One of the city's most impressive sites is the Santa Maria de Idris AKA the 'rock church'.

    7. Like everywhere in Italy, the food and coffee are amazing...

    8. AND the Aperol Spritzs are cheap.

    9. Plus, the gelato is topnotch.

    10. Matera has some amazing views. To get the best vantage point to see them, head to one of the city's many belvederes.

    11. One of the best bits of our trip was when we ventured over to the other side of the Matera Gravina gorge.

    12. In conclusion, Matera is one of the most beautiful places in the world which you need to visit BEFORE YOU DIE.