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Brits, What Was The Best TV Moment Of The Year?

What did you tune into?

If you're anything like me, staying at home more this year meant clocking up more hours watching TV.

@abcnetwork / Via

Thankfully, amongst the chaos that has been 2020, we've been gifted with brilliant TV โ€“ with everything from live shows, to fantastic dramas, and quiz TV.

So, Brits, we want to know, what was the best TV moment you witnessed this year?

@britishbake off / Channel 4

Perhaps you loved it when Holby City's Amanda Henderson accidentally identified Greta Thunberg as "Sharon" when she was on Celebrity Mastermind.


Not one to miss out on a moment, Greta then changed her name on Twitter to "Sharon".

Maybe you watched on in awe as Donald Fear breezed through all of his questions on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to win the jackpot.

ITV / Via

He answered all of the questions in under twenty minutes using only one lifeline.

Or perhaps there was a particular moment of I May Destroy You that you will always remember.


So whatever it was, we want to know what the best TV moment you saw this year. Tell us in the comments and you could feature in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!