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16 Hilarious Tweets About Video Calls For Everyone Who Is Sick Of Them

Remember: Wear trousers.



Am I the only one who can't stop checking myself out on Zoom???


So, lemme just share my screen... one second. OK can everyone see my screen?



My 7 y.o. put on a suit for his class Zoom this morning. My wife told me I needed to go see it so I popped my head in to grab a pic. He was concerned I was going to interrupt him and flashed me the “I’m on a call hand signal.” It took everything I have not to bust out laughing.


When Justin Timberlake said “Ayo I’m tired of using technology, I need you right in front of me” he was really ahead of time



My daughter had a Zoom class yesterday. The teacher's internet went out, so one of the kids was made the default host. He muted everyone, pretended to teach the class, and then just said "fart" over and over until the teacher was able to join back. It was amazing.


Me receiving any meeting invites these days


during zoom meetings I unmute myself to laugh at a homie's joke. you can't just let jokes go unhyped. you gotta support the homies


You on the zoom call VS your friend with rural Internet speed


Said “get a zoom” to two people flirting on a video chat earlier and though no one really noticed, it remains the highlight of an otherwise very uneventful day


Me: i miss my friends My friends: let’s video call Me: no


Have you guys heard of phone calls where people can’t see each other’s faces? Pretty good stuff!


When everyone is getting off the zoom call but you’re struggling to find the leave meeting button so then it’s just you and the host


Me logging onto the morning zoom call acting like I wasn’t asleep 2 minutes ago