Did You Know That Pedro Pascal Is The Coolest Guy On The Planet? If Not, Here Are 10 Interview Moments That Prove He Is

    Pedro is the ultimate zaddy, with zero kids.

    Pedro Pascal has proven to be one of the best actors on television right now. His career spans decades and is filled with amazing credits in both film and television working alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

    If you have never seen him as anything other than as his characters onscreen, you're in luck. I've compiled 10 of my favorite moments from interviews that make me laugh out loud and prove Pedro Pascal is one of the coolest celebrities out there.

    1. Pedro on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falllon talking about using his CGI lasso for The Kingsmen: Golden Circle because he was terrible with a real lasso:

    Pedro Pascal describing what it was like using a CGI whip

    2. Telling Ewan McGregor how he was first introduced to his work and giving him his flowers:

    Pedro Pascal speaking to Ewan McGregor about how he had first heard of his work

    3. Pedro and Taron talking about what kind of drunk they are:

    Pedro Pascal and Taron Egerton talking about their drunk experience

    4. Being a GoT fan and having to spoil the fourth season so he could audition for it:

    Pedro talking about his audition process for Game of Thrones

    5. Laughing off almost spoiling The Mandalorian Season 3:

    Pedro Pascal and Ewan McGregor talking about the Mandalorian

    6. Helping himself to a dad joke during The Last of Us promo:

    Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey introducing themselves

    7. Pedro Pascal made up the voice for his "Wake Up" SNL skit and said it all started on The Last of Us set:

    Pedro Pascal and Seth Myers talking about his SNL voice he came up with

    8. Pedro being honest about what he learned on set of The Last of Us:

    Pedro Pascal talking with IGN about what he learned on the set of The Last of Us

    9. Sneaking up to Taika Waitiki in the middle of an interview like the ninja he is:

    Pedro Pascal sneaking up to Taika Waitiki and pretending to snap his neck mid interview

    10. Pedro talking about his experience with British actors on Game of Thrones with Lena Headey:

    Pedro Pascal and Lena Headey talking about Pedros experience on the set of Game of Thrones