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    Tom Felton Jokes He's "Kind Of Pissed" He Didn't Get A Callback To Play Ken In "Barbie"

    Draco Malfoy and Ken do have a resemblance...

    Tom Felton is no stranger to playing an iconic character on film.

    A closeup of Tom Felton on the red carpet in a suit and tie

    Beginning in 2001 with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Tom played the antagonistic character Draco Malfoy in all films in the franchise.

    Well, turns out Tom may have been interested in playing another iconic character: Ken in the new Barbie film.

    On Wednesday, Tom posted side-by-side photos of himself as Draco in The Prisoner of Azkaban and Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie to Instagram.

    He captioned the photo, "Kind of pissed I never got a callback" and included the instantly iconic hastag, "#sLYTHERKeN."

    A closeup of Ryan Gosling as Ken

    sLYTHERKeN! I get it. Both characters have a knack for bleach blonde hair and a flair for the melodramatic.

    A side-by-side of Draco and Ken

    This, of course, has me now wondering if Ken is really a Slytherin or if he'd be a member of another Harry Potter house.

    We don't know much about Ken, except that he loves Barbie and his job is beach. He's been obsessed with both for decades now, meaning he's got loyalty. Depending on how you view it, that's a trait both Gryffindors and Slytherins are well-known for, at times to a fault.

    A side-by-side of Draco and Ken

    Truthfully, both Draco and Ken surround themselves with a posse of men, so I'm starting to see the connection.

    Barbie officially drops on July 21, after which hopefully there will be more information to determine what house Ken would actually be in. So, in the meantime, tell us below which house you think Ken would belong to. I'm going with Slytherin...for now.