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    Jenna Ortega Started To Cry While Talking To Elle Fanning About Having People “Prey On” And “Twist” Her Vulnerability

    "Sorry, I didn’t mean to do this,” the Wednesday star said.

    Jenna Ortega has not been one to hide her truths, but sadly she can struggle with being open out of fear of being misunderstood.

    Jenna on the Met Gala red carpet

    A former Disney Channel child star, Jenna’s career exploded last year when she starred in Netflix’s Wednesday, a new tale about Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family.

    Jenna as Wednesday Addams reading a file

    As her star rose, though, Jenna found herself occasionally in mild controversy for her comments about working on the series.

    Wednesday Addams dancing at a school dance

    It turns out that backlash to her honesty has impacted Jenna. So much so that, in a recent sit-down interview with Elle Fanning for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, she began to tear up while discussing the heightened attention she experienced after Wednesday became a hit.

    Jenna told Elle that she's "really, really" nervous to be herself online after the show's success.

    The actor then explained that, when she first started having a platform, she told herself she'd be funny, honest, and herself.

    However, Jenna felt like people have taken advantage of her honesty.

    Elle, who was there to represent her Hulu series The Great, quickly comforted Jenna before the Wednesday star continued explaining her struggle to figure out how to be honest while in the public eye.

    “It’s such a hard thing to balance. Because how do you be honest without jeopardizing your own health and safety? It’s very easy to feel almost out of control of things,” she said. "Which is why it's so important for people to get off the phone."

    Elle agreed, saying, “You just have to protect yourself, and also just know when to put it away and know it doesn’t matter. That’s not the real world.”

    Thankfully, Jenna said she's gotten better over the past few years about not being on her phone and reading comments.

    Elle ultimately thanked Jenna for her bravery in being vulnerable with her.

    You can check out the full Variety interview here.