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12 Mexican Artists Who Are Celebrating Alexa Moreno

Because grace and athleticism needs to be celebrated.

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Last week, the eyes of Mexico and the world were on gymnast Alexa Morena.

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images

And while some just wanted to tear her down, artists from all over Mexico showed their support for Alexa by illustrating these beautiful portraits of the gymnast.


4. Pictoline, known for their incredible infographics, perfectly captured what we were all thinking.

#Rio2016 nos está dejando varias lecciones. La de Alexa Moreno es una de ellas. #LeccionesDeRío:

"Jumping over the haters could be the most difficult challenge of them all."


10. Or this piece of art from Rene Garcia, who drew Alexa in a leotard that expressed our thoughts exactly.

11. Artist Alejandra Ortega drew Alexa with the flag of her homeland behind her. A reminder of how proud Mexico is.

Instagram: @alee_riot

12. And Mónika Chacón perfectly captured Alexa's free spirit and effortless grace.

Instagram: @prncssmnk


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