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    First "Divergent" Trailer Finds Shailene Woodley In Big, Big Trouble

    It's America's new sweetheart vs. Kate Winslet in this fresh look at the sci-fi drama. It's tough being a teen!

    Bad news: Tris just doesn't fit in. Excellent news: She's a got a badass instructor and serious will to survive.

    Shailene Woodley, who just wowed in The Spectacular Now and is currently filming the leading role in The Fault In Our Stars, continues her hot run with Divergent, the film adaptation of Veronica Roth's hit novel about a future Chicago that breaks people into various factions based on their personalities. It seems like paradise, but really, it's a nanny-state dystopia, and it'll take a brave dissenter like Tris — they can't control her! — to change things. A little Hunger Games-esque, but plenty to look forward to, anyway.

    Co-starring alongside Woodley is Theo James, who plays her instructor/love interest Four. The film, directed by Neil Burger, is due out next year.