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    Max Greenfield As Vanilla Ice Is Insane And Amazing

    So long, Schmidt: Form-fitting cashmere sweaters are out, giant flag-themed leather jackets are in. This re-creation of a 1991 interview is To The Extreme.

    The Real Thing

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    In a new installment of an incredible series of re-creations from The Arsenio Hall Show, Max Greenfield, Paul Scheer, and Eric Andre brought back to life a buzzy interview between Hall and Vanilla Ice. And then, they did an improvised version that is even more incredible because it could have easily been passed off as the real thing, since this was all so ridiculous.

    The fact that Hall is getting another talk show is super promising, if only because it means that in 20 years, there will be more of these, making our current pop culture seem just as insane.


    View this video on YouTube

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