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    11 Things You Didn't Know About "The Colbert Report"

    Stephen Colbert and his writers pulled the curtain back on their Emmy-winning show during a panel at the New York Comedy Festival Thursday night. One question involved why there were so many white dudes on staff, while another centered on Wheat Thins.

    1. Colbert does sometimes agree with his character.

    2. Why is there one woman and one person of color on the Colbert Report staff right now?

    3. The story behind Colbert's Daft Punk joke.

    4. Colbert's evisceration of Wheat Thins won the brand an award at Cannes.

    5. It took years to get Maurice Sendak on the show.

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    The show's booker had been in contact with Sendak for awhile, and he had refused almost all interviews during the last few years of his life. And then finally, he agreed, after a series of phone calls, conference calls, and a lunch explaining what the show was about.

    “He had to talk to me on the phone, because I needed to know how [crazy] this guy is," Colbert remembered. "I talked to him on the phone in this really long process of him saying, ‘Which button do I push? I have to change rooms. I don’t want to talk here. Which button do I push?’ And when he finally got on, he sighed. And I said, 'Take your time.' And he said, ‘I’m 83; death looms.’ After the 20-minute conversation, I was like, That’s what humans are like!"

    6. There is a trapdoor under Stephen's desk.

    7. They allow dogs at the office.

    8. Jokes are marked in the scripts with dollar $ign$.

    9. The writers all work in pairs.

    10. One of Colbert's prime rules is, "Don't punch down."

    11. Henry Kissinger will dance, but don't ask him to talk about pancakes.

    When Colbert hosted the "Guitarmageddon" in 2006, he had Kissinger announce the contest in his natural droll. The writers thought that there had to be some reason for Kissinger to be there, so at the end they had him say, "Where's my pancakes?"

    After he recited the line, he nixed it from being broadcast.