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    Posted on May 13, 2013

    16 Ways People Have Changed Since "Arrested Development" Ended In 2006

    We don't know what's happened to the Bluths since the show went off the air in 2006, but how about the lives of devoted fans? BuzzFeed went to the roving Banana Stand in NYC on Monday to find out what's happened to YOU in the past seven years.

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    1. Cowboy Roy

    - Went to North Korea

    - Learned ukelele

    - Did a lot of hooking up

    - Went to bull riding camp

    - Wrestled alligators

    - Ate three bananas

    2. Walden

    - Dropped out of college

    - Moved from Georgia to NYC

    - Started and ended a three year relationship

    - Became a banana

    3. Andrew and Mary Martha

    - Graduated high school and college (BYU)

    - Got married

    - Moved from Utah to NYC

    - Had twins

    4. Jesus

    - Introduced ice cream floats and waffle cones

    - Broke away from the tyranny of Mr. Softee

    - Painted ice cream truck pink

    - Went through one break up, just found love again.

    5. Kimberly, Ryan and Simon

    - Moved from Utah and Seattle to NYC

    - Met each other on the subway

    - Got married

    - Had a baby named Simon

    - Lived in two homes

    - Bought a new iPhone while on the banana line

    6. Dani and Emily

    - Graduated college

    - Lived in seven apartments

    - Dumped two losers

    7. Alika

    - Became an executive

    - Started and ended three relationships

    - Watched the entirety of Arrested Development three times.

    8. Tom and Shanna

    - Graduated high school and college

    - Started and ended four relationships

    - Lived in six homes

    9. Benny

    - Hit puberty (finished it, too)

    - Graduated elementary, middle and is now finishing high school

    - Skipped school on Monday to come into NYC to get a banana

    - Forgot to get his extremely cool parents bananas of their own

    - Went back for seconds

    10. Jason and Sonal

    - Graduated college and law school

    - Quit a job to become an actor

    11. David and Katie

    - Launched a failing magic career

    - But did charm women with magic

    - Began turning tricks on the street (get it?)

    - Moved from Colorado to NYC

    - Graduated high school

    12. Dani and Lisa

    - Graduated middle school and high school

    - Began college

    13. Eric and Lindsay

    - Graduated college and got a masters' degree

    - Lived in 14 homes

    - Moved from Massachusetts to NYC

    - In and out of three relationships

    14. Scott

    - Graduated college

    - Became a winemaker

    15. Meggin

    - Moved from Orlando (where she worked at Nickelodeon resorts) to NYC

    - Became a part-time nanny

    - Transitioned from actress to writer

    16. Sam

    - Finished high school, college and grad school

    - Went through four jobs/internships

    - Moved from California to Pennsylvania to NYC

    - Ended a relationship

    - Toured Europe

    All images via Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed.

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