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    Morgan Freeman And 4 Other Celebrities Who Have Fallen Asleep During TV Interviews

    Morgan Freeman recently fell asleep while promoting his new film, but he's not the first to do so.

    1. Morgan Freeman

    While promoting his new movie Now You See Me in an early interview morning with two TV hosts in Phoenix this week, Morgan Freeman fell asleep. The dozing off occurs as Freeman's costar Michael Caine talks about magic tricks in the movie.

    Given how many of these interviews he has to do, and how many times he's probably heard Michael Caine talk about "the biggest tricks you've ever seen," it's a bit understandable that he took a snooze. And he's not alone; plenty of stars have caught some Z's during TV spots.

    2. Harry Belafonte

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    The legendary singer claims that he was just resting his eyes in this 2011 interview, which happened via satellite, but hey, no shame if he got bored.

    "His earpiece wasn't working, so he decided to take the time to meditate before the rest of his Day-O," his rep said at the time. "Mr. Belafonte is 84 years young, but sharper and more awake than most who have been interviewing him. Maybe the world would be a better place if more people took a moment to meditate."

    Meh. Looks like he was sleeping.

    3. Honey Boo Boo

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    The little reality star wasn't much interested in what Dr. Drew had to say. Which is probably for the best, since he has a knack for getting entangled with celebrity death.

    4. David Hasselhoff

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    The Hoff admitted to snoozing during an interview with Britain's GMTV in 2006.

    "I was really tired. I've been in Vancouver then Leeds, then Manchester then Croydon," he said in his mea culpa.

    5. This BBC Anchor

    Slow news day?

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