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    Melissa McCarthy Wasn't Supposed To Be Sookie And 10 Other Shocking Facts About The "Gilmore Girls" Pilot

    We all know Jess was the best boyfriend...

    Summer is OVER which means autumn, AKA Gilmore Girls season, is finally here. Time to pour a (massive) cup of coffee, pull on your Yale sweater, and revisit the Stars Hollow gazebo.

    BUT! Did you know Stars Hollow, and the townspeople we know and love, originally looked a whole lot different???

    Gilmore Girls filmed not one but TWO pilots. The OG pilot never aired, due to last minute casting changes and reshoots. Here are 11 things you didn't know about the Gilmore Girls pilot!

    1. Luke sort-of almost didn't exist...

    2. There was a time when Ryan Gosling wasn't ken-ough for the Gilmore Girl world.

    Man holding puppy

    3. Nepo baby alert! Chris Pine's Dad helped snag him his first professional audition, which was for Gilmore Girls.

    Two men smiling at camera

    4. Dean, Boyfriend #1 (but not the #1 Boyfriend— that spot is reserved for Jess, thank you very much), was played by Nathan Wetherington and NOT Jared Padalecki in the unaired pilot.

    Man smirking

    5. On the topic of casting, Melissa McCarthy almost didn't get her big break as Sookie St. James. Alex Borstein was first cast as the klutzy chef, but her contract with MadTV prohibited her from accepting the role.

    6. Thanks to a failed audition, Paris Geller came into our lives.

    7. While the Gilmore Girls we know and loved was filmed in sunny California, the unaired pilot was actually shot in Unionville, Ontario— a district within the city of Markham, a short drive from Toronto.

    8. After Dean was recast with the then unknown Jared Padalecki, reshoots took place at Warner Brother's studio lot. But you can see sprinkles of the OG Canadian Stars Hollow in the actual aired pilot.

    9. If you're a Gilmore Girls superfan, you can take a self guided walking tour through the "original" Stars Hollow from the pilot.

    10. The original Luke’s Diner in the unaired pilot is now a spa.

    11. Get in loser, we're going to the Gilmore's! While the original Stars Hollow was filmed in Unionville, the iconic Gilmore house was actually in Toronto.

    Stone house and driveway

    There ya have it folks, the Gilmore Girls that almost was. I don't know about you, but I truly can't imagine a world where Sookie isn't played by Melissa, or where Luke is a lady!

    And - just so we're all on the same page here - you totally agree that Jess is undoubtably the BEST boyfriend, right? Right?! Tell us your favourite Gilmore Girls moments in the comments below!

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