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Feb 2015
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    jordans4ea623f18 commented on Cazzie David Said Her Breakup With Pete Davidson Had Her "Screaming In Agony"

    BPD is definitely an extremely complicated and scary disorder, for not only the person with it, but everyone around them as well. BPD is different for every person though, and given the right help, you can be super happy and healthy with it and have stable normal relationships. I… 

    2 months ago

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    jordans4ea623f18 commented on Tell Us About The Time An Employee Truly Went Above And Beyond For You

    I was at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin with my boyfriend and he had ordered a French toast platter with scrambled eggs. Our waitress brought our food out and we were both very happy with it, then 2 minutes later she comes and brings my boyfriend a whole other plate of the same thing… 

    2 years ago

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