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    I Made Friends With A 102-Year-Old Woman Because Of An Accidental Email

    ...and also a guy with the same name as me. It's an internet miracle.

    These days, the internet can be a scary place.

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    But sometimes in the world wide web, something magic happens.

    This email was especially cool because my recently deceased grandmother was also named Bea.

    The thing is that there are only 10 people with my last name.

    Bea kept trying to find the correct Jordan, and getting me.

    Really frustrated.

    Around the same time, Bea and I both figured out that she was looking for Jordan Imbery. In case you missed it, she just switched the "e" and "r" from "Imbery" to "Imbrey".

    Given the magic of Jordan & Jordan, and Bea & Bea, I decided to ask if Bea would stay my pen pal.

    After a few months, I figured it'd be really cool if we all met in person. So Jordan and I met up in Renton, WA.

    Then we had our big moment meeting Bea in person!

    She showed us around her house.

    Next, we went to book club with her.

    While we were reminiscing about the funny emails, she told me that I was "new family".

    We closed things off with a big family dinner.

    As always, saying goodbye was the hardest part.

    Needless to say, I won't forget my pen pal family any time soon.