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We Want To Hear About Your Single Mom

In June we celebrate all the incredible fathers out there. But many of us grew up with single mothers who kick ass and manage to be more than a mom.

fernandopadron • One year ago

Gay Guys Pose With The Animals They're Most Afraid Of

Snakes, birds, lizards, rats, OH MY!

Sam Stryker • One year ago

People Ate Geoduck Clam For The First Time And Didn't Exactly Love It

It looks like a penis, but it's a shellfish.

fernandopadron • One year ago

I Made Friends With A 102-Year-Old Woman Because Of An Accidental Email

...and also a guy with the same name as me. It's an internet miracle.

Jordan Imbrey • One year ago

People Get Tattoos In Extremely Painful Areas

I mean, pain is totally subjective...right?

fernandopadron • One year ago
Stephen LaConte • One year ago

Being A Latinx Drag Queen

"Drag is just art...a form of self expression."

fernandopadron • One year ago

People Try Mexican Candy

"Mexican candy brings people together"

fernandopadron • 2 years ago

We Tried Black Water

"Black is premium. You heard it first here."

fernandopadron • 2 years ago

People Guess The Average Size Of A Penis

"It's already squirting juices."

fernandopadron • 2 years ago