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    21 Outdoorsy Photos On Jason Momoa’s Instagram That'll Make You Want To Spend The Day Outside

    Because there’s nothing like Khal Diogo working out shirtless to lift one’s spirit!

    1. When he played the guitar shirtless:

    2. When he went on a biking trip to Joshua Tree:

    3. When he went on a location scout in Newfoundland for Frontier:

    4. When he spotted his mountain-climbing child:

    5. When he spent the day playing in the mud:

    6. When he got this nice shot before hitting the waves:

    7. When he and his son played with bows and arrows:

    8. When he modeled this bike on the beach:

    9. When he was perhaps the best parent of all time?

    10. When he rode shotgun:

    11. When he proved he has excellent balance:

    12. When he was a noble seaman:

    13. When he kicked it in tall grass with his ohana while wearing an ohana shirt:

    14. When he showed off his prowess as a man between two walls:

    15. When he literally hugged a rock:

    16. When he caught not one, but two fish:

    17. When he was casually riding around on a zamboni:

    18. When he showed off his skateboarding skills:

    19. When he was in full costume on Frontier, portraying Declan Harp:

    20. When he made it to the top of a sweet-looking climb:

    21. And when he did the Polar Bear Challenge in freezing cold ice:

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