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    35 Seemingly Normal Products That Deliver Basically Magical Results

    Someone get Alex Russo on the phone because I'm pretty sure she's the reason for this sorcery.

    1. A dishwasher-safe cob stripper to make the perfect salsa appetizer for the upcoming holidays. Or even corn pudding, cornbread, or any other yummy dish you'll be baking rather than using canned corn. Andddd, ITS CORN! "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing" and now I'll be thinking of that adorable kiddo, Tariq, who loves corn all day.

    A reviewer's stripped corn cob sitting next to a bowl of corn kernels and the cob stripper

    2. A pack of bottle cleaning tablets that require no scrubbing! These bad boys will help get those annoying stains out of your fave metal tumblers and water bottles and leave them smelling fresh and looking squeaky clean.

    a reviewer's stained mug before, during, and after cleaning tablets have been inserted, revealing mug is stain-free after use

    3. A cruelty-free AND vegan scalp revival dry shampoo with charcoal, biotin, and witch hazel that'll extend the life of that blowout you spent sooo much time on. This stuff will cleanse and refresh any oily buildup leaving you looking ahhhhmazing. And now, I'm gonna go ahead and grab me one because I'm on my third day of no wash 🙈.

    4. Or an all-natural dry shampoo that works on all shades of hair and will freshen your hair up if you don't have time for another wash. The excess oil in your hair will *poof* away and you'll be left with voluminous hair. Also great to use after workouts!

    A vertically-split before and after showing reviewer's bangs looking oily on the left, and the same individual with bangs looking fresh on the right

    5. A stainless-steel foot file so you can scrape off any dry, cracked skin leaving you with salon-quality pedicure feet at home. If you've ever wanted to sell feet pics, here's your sign. Freshen those footsies up and give them the self care they deserve especially in this brrrrrrisk weather.

    6. A panty wash laundry detergent created by a gynecologist to remove stains from vaginal discharge and leave your panties smelling lemony fresh. Its antibacterial, anti-yeast, and anti-mold formula can also be used for bras. There's also a men's version!

    Two bottles of panty wash, one for men and one for women

    7. A battery-operated fabric shaver to remove the super annoying lint and fuzz on your favorite sweater. Oh, and it's not just for sweaters — use it on socks, sofas, and *most* household fabrics. It's adjustable for a variety of fabrics and has a detachable lint catcher so cleaning it up is easy peasy.

    a split image of a reviewer's sweater with pilling labeled "before" on the top, and the same sweater without the pilling labeled "after" on the bottom

    8. wildly popular Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo that uses ketoconazole 1% to relieve your itchy scalp and help fight dandruff. Ah, just imagine — hair without those dreadful flakes. No more snow showers after scratching your head. Sounds like a dream come true to me.

    The brand recommends using it every three to four days for up to eight weeks for best results.

    Promising review: "This is the ONLY dandruff shampoo that I've ever used that actually works for me. I've tried Neutrogena, Head & Shoulders, and a few other random ones and none of them give me the relief this one does. My scalp doesn't get buildup anymore and I don't have any flakes in my hair now. This stuff is magic." —R. W. Harobed

    Get it from Amazon for $15.47+ (available in two scents and five pack sizes).

    9. A microfiber towel for protecting your crown when it's in its most vulnerable state. Made from a highly absorbent nylon-blend fabric, this lovely little towel absorbs the water in your hair while preventing any damage. It also has a strap that'll prevent it from unraveling.

    10. Microfiber makeup remover cloths that'll actually remove even the most full-coverage makeup. No more of those harsh disposable makeup wipes and less spending! You can use these baddies with just water or add your fave cleanser, removing balm, or micellar water.

    11. A curl defining cream-gel infused with argan oil and vitamin E for some juicy, poppin' curls. Just apply it to your wet hair and this cream-gel will help you get dreamy, soft, less frizzy curls.

    12. The renowned Aztec Secret Healing Clay that'll deep-clean pores just like a vacuum sucks up dirt off a floor. Just add a little apple cider vinegar or water, mix it into a smooth paste and apply it to your face! The amount of time to keep it on varies based on skin sensitivity, but it'll have your skin looking and feeling great.

    13. A Nyx makeup setting spray so your makeup can stay in place all day through whatevaaaa comes your way. Rain or shine or nights out cannot stop this spray from a flawless matte face. Dance the night away without your eyebrows running away at midnight.

    14. A pack of 40 acne patches because a pimple is NOT ruining our day babe! These patches absorb all the gunk and speed up the pimple-healing process without picking or popping. Psh, what pimple?

    15. A bottle of nail and cuticle care oil you apply like a clear coat of polish to keep your nails strong and your cuticles soft. I mean, the holidays are coming up and sometimes, we gotta go without certain luxuries. But with this oil, your nails will still look like you got a fresh mani.

    A split reviewer image showing a hand with brittle, chipped nails and dry cuticles on the left, and the same hand with healthy-looking nails and cuticle on the right

    16. A vitamin C serum packed with antioxidants that'll help improve the appearance of dark spots and give you radiant smooth skin. "You'll shine like the light from the sun" as Paolo told Lizzie in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

    Model holding oil applicator over the bottle

    17. A hypoallergenic makeup brush shampoo to help make cleaning your beauty tools a much less dreadful task. I'd literally rather buy new makeup tools than clean them, buttt, the way reviewers are raving about how this shampoo makes cleaning your brushes take minimal effort, honey, seems like a total dream come true.

    Reviewer's beauty blender covered in makeup and brown, and the same beauty blender, restored to it's original light orange color after being washed with the shampoo

    18. Dishwasher-safe produce-saver containers with FreshVent technology that helps create the *perfect *environment for fresher produce. Don't you hate having to try and eat all your produce before it gets icky? Samesies. These babies are here so there's no rush to eat up all your fruits and veggies.

    19. A pack of blotting papers that'll keep you matte all day. Way too often I go to the bathroom and realize that I look like I rubbed cooking oil on my face. I forget that my skin is oily until I look like a greasy mess. Let's eliminate this problem and let these handy sheets absorb all that annoying excess oil. Bring them with you on a day out! Whip these babies out and stay flawless all day!

    A reviewer's forehead, a bit oily before using blotting sheets
    The reviewer showing the blotting sheet covered in oil
    The reviewer's forehead, matte after using blotting papers

    These blotting papers come in packs of 100 and act fast to control shine. They use organic ingredients for fresh skin that'll make you say ooh la la.

    Promising reviews: "I just got these a few days ago and I was honestly so skeptical about if they would actually work but let me tell you, they work incredibly well!! Usually by midway through a 12 hour clinical shift in the hospital my face shines brighter than a disco ball. With these I'm able to grab one and blot it on my face to instantly take all the shininess away. I could not believe it. They are very soft and absorbent. I will definitely be buying more!" —Brooke

    Get it from Amazon for $6.95 (available in five styles).

    20. Or a volcanic stone face roller to soak up excess face oil even if you're wearing makeup. This baby is reusable AND washable!! Bring it on the go and when you see your face beginning to look a little past the glazed donut stage, let this baby save you!

    21. A wine stain remover spray in case the red wine gets you feelin' a little too fine and you begin to spill. Happens to the best of us. Now it's okay if you get a little clumsy, boo! This stain remover will get those stubborn spills up as if by, idk, *magic*? 🪄

    A split image showing a reviewer's fuzzy white blanket with a large wine stain on the left, and the same fuzzy white blanket stain-free with text that reads "After!!!"

    22. A sneaker cleaner that'll have your old sneakers so clean you'll wonder when you got a new pair of shoes. Let the kids play in mud and get their brand-new shoes you just bought them dirty, cuz this baby will clean your shoes as thoroughly as The Cat in the Hat cleaned Sally and Conrad's house.

    A reviewer's sneakers, one dirty before using cleaner and one very clean as if brand-new after using shoe cleaner, with pink cleaner bottle between the two shoes

    23. O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for anyone whose dry, cracked hands need a little extra TLC that your regular lotions aren't quite providing. This'll come suuuper in handy for this upcoming winter. Yes, dry skin time is upon us.

    A split image of a reviewers cracked dry hands before using hand cream and moisturized hands after using hand lotion

    24. A muscle ease gel to help relieve your knees when it's gonna rain. I swear my knees can tell the weather the older I get and that tense feeling is — yikes. Enriched with botanical cooling and heating ingredients, this stuff is ready to ease any minor aches, pains, or soreness. Not all heroes wear capes, friends.

    25. A pack of extra-large dryer balls made from organic New Zealand wool so you can spend less money on dryer sheets annnnddd less money on your electric bill! Say whaaat? Yeah I know, these dryer balls help cut down drying time. We love to see it.

    Six wool dryer balls sitting atop a vine

    26. A purple shampoo to save you from constantly throwing $$$ to hairdressers just to keep the brass out your hair. Say goodbye to yellow brassy tones and helloooo to cool, neutral, gorg blonde hair.

    Split image of a reviewer's hair before using shampoo (yellow, brassy) and after using shampoo (ash blonde, neutral tones)

    27. A wood polish that'll protect and condition wood with a combination of beeswax and orange oil, leaving your wooden furniture *jaw droppingly* beautiful and shiny. Bring out the beauty in your furniture that you almost forgot was there!

    28. A jewelry-cleaning pen so you can dazzle people with your jewelry, real or fake. The second I'm proposed to I'm gonna be overly annoying about showing it off and for it to SPARKLE?! *gasp* I'm gonna be unstoppable. Thanos probably used this stick to keep the infinity stones shiny.

    Reviewer's diamond earrings, one visibly not cleaned and one sparkling clean after using the diamond stick

    29. A bottle of Glossier Solution, a gentle yet effective chemical exfoliant with a powerful combination of AHA, BHA, and PHA. By sweeping away dead skin, this solution will have you looking like a glowy glazed donut.

    30. A jar of 100% natural oven scrub that comes with a cute little scrubber to get your oven all shiny and squeaky clean. By the time this stuff's done with your oven, you'll see your reflection in it.

    A gif of a person cleaning their over using the scrub
    A jar of the oven scrub next to the silver scrubber
    Everneat/Etsy, Everneat/Etsy

    Everneat is a Connecticut-based small business that specializes in natural cleaning products and tools.

    Promising review: "This is my second container of this oven cleaner, I love it! My oven was pretty grimy and I used this cleaner with just a damp rag, I didn't use the steel wool pad it comes with. I honestly was shocked it cleans so well, my oven looks brand-new again. I love the fact that it has zero harsh chemicals and I don't have to wear my rubber gloves to keep from getting a chemical burn. This will always be my go-to oven cleaner, it's the best!" —layla61955

    Get it from Everneat on Etsy for $19.99 (available in three scents).