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Here Are 17 Reasons Teachers Are Paid Too Much $$$

They get off at 3 every day.

1. Teachers are straight-up rollin' in the dough.

Elisabeth Milich / NBC / Via

2. And their salary is already more than enough.

Twitter: @tinydooms / Via Twitter: @tinydooms

3. They have enough money to go shopping all the time.

Twitter: @CarlaCo25679840 / Via Twitter: @CarlaCo25679840

4. They literally get off work at 3 in the afternoon.

Instagram: @cmsthomas / Via, Twitter: @bookgoonie / Via Twitter: @bookgoonie

5. And they never have to take their work home with them.

Twitter: @compstudies / Via Twitter: @compstudies

6. Teachers basically just sit at their desk all day.

Twitter: @speedskatergirl / Via Twitter: @speedskatergirl

7. And boss kids around.

Instagram: @misslisasclassroom / Via

8. What other profession gets a summer break?!

Twitter: @RossvilleAcad / Via Twitter: @RossvilleAcad

9. Or a spring break, for that matter?

Instagram: @msz_loves_biology / Via

10. "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

Instagram: @the_learned_beard / Via

11. Elementary school teachers are basically just glorified babysitters.

Instagram: @aamarasco / Via

12. And high school teachers just read monotonously from textbooks.

Via, AMC

This teacher literally dressed up as Breaking Bad's Walter White for his chemistry class.

13. Their students, by the way, are always incredibly grateful.

Twitter: @kaatielaady / Via Twitter: @kaatielaady

14. Same goes with the students' parents.

Twitter: @molliedeturner / Via Twitter: @molliedeturner

15. Teaching is honestly so easy, basically anyone can do it.

Instagram: @bored_teachers / Via Twitter: @brittney_suth

16. They do the bare minimum — and that's it.

Twitter: @x0_rissa / Via Twitter: @x0_rissa

17. And the only ~difference~ they make in students' lives is whether they pass or fail.


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