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21 Tweets Only People Who Shop At Target Can Truly Understand

"I like to live dangerously, like going to Target without a plan."

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Me at @target : I just need toothpaste, that's it. Also me at @target :


i never know what's going to happen when i go into Target. will i be there for 5 minutes?? 5 hours?? will i spend $5?? $500??? who knows


target cashier: did you find everything okay? *me unloading a full cart* first of all, i came here for dish soap & i didn't even get it


I hate it when the cashier at target says "see you again soon!" Like, bitch, you're not wrong, but did you have to say it


I need a hobby on my days off so I stop buying stupid shit at Target


I overheard a guy saying to his girlfriend "are you ready to fucking rage" as they walked into target together and that's what I want


bored? go to target. hungry? go to target. depressed? go to target. stressed? go to target.


I don't go to Target because I really need something... I go to Target, so Target can show me what I really need.


When after you get done at Target.. you have to decide which bill isn’t getting paid.


Time for my weekly round of depression-buying shit I don't need at Target & crying the whole way home


Saw a little girl at Target with her hair all messed up, crying and screaming “don’t look at me.” I could totally relate.


If you ever find a significant other that goes to Target with you, whenever you want, never let that person go. They're a treasure.


4 yr old came to gymnastics today and said "sorry i'm late my mom was having fun at target" and i just know that one day i will be that mom


There’s nothing like building your savings account for college for years and spending it all at Target within 3 months!!!


I’m happiest when I’m with my man and when I’m at target


during an interview earlier they asked my hobbies and I said “I love to go to target”


me at target on saturday night buying myself a bottle of wine and a $5 movie. self care saturdays i guess


I feel like the friendliness of the target cashier decreases every time I say I don't want to apply for the Red Card


*looks at random item from dollar section at target* I dontttt know why but I feel like I need this


in this house we are not friends with people who don't like going to target


I like to live dangerously... like going to target without a plan

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