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70% Of Americans Will Fail This Quiz — Only Southerners Will Get 20/20

If you fail, then bless your heart.

  1. What did this T-Mobile sign used to advertise?
  2. Which of these is a buggy?

  3. Where can you order a Cajun Filet Biscuit?

    Instagram: @itsbocountry /
  4. What do you drink with a Moon Pie?

    Instagram: @theoriginalmoonpie /
  5. Which state is not part of the Southeastern Conference?

    Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images
  6. "It doesn't amount to a hill of _"

  7. What is this?

    Instagram: @sunnystreetcafe /
  8. What's this decal/logo of?

    Instagram: @ashleydease1089 /
  9. If you're gussied up, you are:

  10. Fries are to a hamburger as _ are to fried catfish.

    Getty Images
  11. "Roll Tide" is the rallying cry for:

  12. This dish is extremely common in what state?

    Instagram: @tucsonrealtorarmyveteran /
  13. "Finer than a _ hair split four ways"

  14. Hoppin' John is associated with what holiday?

    Getty Images
  15. If someone is too big for their britches, they are:

  16. What is this?

    Getty Images
  17. And what is this?

    Getty Images
  18. "I'm full as a _!"

  19. If something's cattywampus, it's:

  20. If your grandma says, "Give me some sugar," what is she asking for?

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