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    21 Signs Sweet Tea Is Your Religion

    In the name of the Father, Son, and Sweet Tea, amen.

    1. You just don't understand people who start their day with coffee.

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    2. You think champagne toasts at weddings are totally overrated because sweet tea.

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    3. When life gives you lemons, you take those lemons and put them in a glass of sweet tea.

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    4. If a waiter asks if unsweetened is okay, you do your best to respond as calmly as possible.

    5. So you always go to a restaurant prepared.

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    6. You're considering alternative ways of getting sweet tea into your system because your mason jar just isn't cutting it.

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    7. You're not really ~into~ labels. Except one.

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    8. When you drink unsweet tea by accident, you immediately repent as all good sweet tea drinkers do.

    9. You fully believe sweet tea is its own food group.

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    10. When your crush invites you to a coffee date, you feel really conflicted about what to do.

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    11. Every now and then, you think about finding an online support group for your sweet tea addiction.


    And you really consider it for, like, two seconds.

    12. Dieting for you means reducing your sweet tea intake from 10 glasses a day to nine.

    13. During the summertime, you make sweet tea popsicles "for the kids."

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    14. You literally eat, drink, and breathe sweet tea.

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    15. Even your alcohol has to have some element of sweet tea in it.

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    16. When people tell you they don't drink sweet tea, you immediately begin praying for their lost souls.

    17. But you never take for granted just how #blessed you, as a sweet tea drinker, are.

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    18. You collect recipes for sweet tea even though they are all the exact same.

    19. You know you can count on sweet tea to get you through hard times.

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    20. Nothing helps you unwind quite like a sweet tea bubble bath.

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    21. Regarding the afterlife, let's just say you have clear expectations about what that will be like.

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