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    24 Reasons Having A Work BFF Is The Best Thing Ever

    They make going back to work on Monday a little bit easier.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what makes having a work BFF so great. Here are their responses:

    1. Whenever something stupid happens, you can shoot each other a look and know exactly what the other is thinking.

    2. In fact, you can have an entire conversation with subtle eyebrow raises.

    3. You have someone in the office who’s just as NSFW as you are...

    4. ...and you know you can tell them anything without getting in trouble from HR.

    5. When there are errands* to run, both of you always need to go.

    6. Your Gchat is a treasure trove of office gossip that you’d definitely be fired for if your boss ever saw.

    7. Waking up in the morning for work isn’t so bad because you get to spend the entire day together.

    8. While the science may not be there to back it up, you know that cube mate intuition is definitely a thing.

    9. Getting the “they’re up to no good” look from co-workers whenever you’re seen together makes you so proud.

    10. You never have to worry about eating lunch alone at your desk.

    11. On slow days around the office, you’ve got someone to make the boredom bearable.

    12. Your celebrations of each other's birthday makes everyone else in the office jealous of your friendship.

    13. You’re never without a look-out when you raid the office supply closet.

    14. You’ve got inappropriate nicknames for your co-workers that you seamlessly incorporate into your regular gossip sessions.

    15. When you team up with them on group projects, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

    16. And whether you're working together or not, you have someone to laugh with every single day.

    17. Whenever Halloween comes around, you’ve got a guaranteed costume partner.

    18. If you get into an argument with someone, your friend is always there to take your side.

    19. When meetings are long and boring, you at least have someone to pass notes to.

    20. Whenever the 3 p.m. struggle hits, you’ve got someone to goof off with.

    21. Your boss has resigned himself to the fact that the two of you simply cannot be tamed.

    22. They'll corroborate your sick day story, whether you're actually sick...or just hungover.

    23. In short, your work BFF makes going to work a hell of a lot more fun.

    24. But the best part: Before too long, you’ve become so close that you’re actually BFFs outside of work too.

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