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    23 Reasons Chicago Is The Greatest City In The Whole Damn World

    Simply magnificent.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what makes Chicago such an incredible city. Here's what they had to say:

    Maksymowicz / Getty Images / Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed

    1. If you’re a first-time visitor or even a lifelong resident, the skyline never ceases to impress.

    Rudolf Balasko / Getty Images

    —submitted by Andrew Gertz, Facebook

    2. The city's cultural offerings are second to none, and its arts scene is easily the most beautiful, innovative, and accessible in the country.

    Flickr: Mike Boening Photography / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: memoriesbymike

    "And you won't pay an arm and a leg for 'em!"

    —submitted by Derik Iverson, Facebook

    3. A host of world-class museums call Chicago home, so no matter if you're looking to hang out with Sue the T. Rex at the Field Museum...

    Flickr: Oscar Shen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: oscar_shen

    —submitted by Katie Self, Facebook

    4. ...or you're looking to peruse the works of the Old Masters at the Art Institute, there's definitely something for you.

    Flickr: Chris Smith / Creative Commons / Flickr: cjsmithphotography
    Flickr: Wally Gobetz / Creative Commons / Flickr: wallyg

    —submitted by Cayley

    5. Navy Pier never fails to make you feel like a kid again.

    Flickr: Richard Cox / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: richardcox

    —submitted by Cayley

    6. Even when they’re going through a rough patch, you can’t resist cheering on the Blackhawks.

    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    —submitted by Kaylen

    7. Chicago knows how to take a joke — in fact, it’s birthplace of modern improv comedy.

    Flickr: John / Creative Commons / Flickr: johnjoh
    Flickr: Phil King / Creative Commons / Flickr: pkingdesign

    —submitted by Rachel

    8. The nine-floor Harold Washington Library puts all other libraries to shame.

    Flickr: Patrick Emerson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kansasphoto

    —submitted by Notthatplatypus

    9. The art and architecture make a simple walk around the city a feast for the eyes.

    Flickr: Neil Howard / Creative Commons / Flickr: neilsingapore
    Flickr: Chris Smith / Creative Commons / Flickr: cjsmithphotography

    —submitted by Shelly

    10. Other cities try, but nowhere does pizza better than the Windy City.

    Flickr: Eric Allix Rogers / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: reallyboring

    It's basically its own food group here.

    —submitted by Adam Docksey, Facebook

    11. The craft beer scene is hopping — and there's nothing like a local brew with a slice of deep dish.

    Flickr: CJ Bizzle / Used with permission / Via Flickr: itsmecjbb

    —submitted by Brittney

    12. In fact, there's a ton of great, affordable food to be found around the city, no matter what you're in the mood for.

    Chicago Foodie Girl /
    Flickr: Edsel Little / Creative Commons / Flickr: edsel_


    —submitted by Shelly

    13. Boystown is an amazingly fun, accepting, and diverse community that inspires you to be yourself.

    Flickr: Aurimas / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: needoptic

    —submitted by Alexa

    14. The Lakefront Trail is the perfect place for a jog, a walk, or just a view of Lake Michigan.

    Vichie81 / Getty Images

    —submitted by Shelly

    15. Chicagoans are the most genuine, fun, passionate, and down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. Period.

    Flickr: Trey Ratcliff / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stuckincustoms

    "Even though at times we get a bad rap, we are always stronger than our adversities."

    —submitted by Brandon and Julia

    16. The winter may be rough, but it makes Chicagoans tough enough to handle anything life throws their way.

    Flickr: John W. Iwanski / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: usachicago

    —submitted by Simone

    17. And although winter gets the most attention, Chicago has four distinct and beautiful seasons.

    Flickr: Aurimas / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: needoptic

    —submitted by Shelly

    18. During the summer, street fairs and festivals bring the city to life...

    Flickr: Sharan Mohandoss / Creative Commons / Flickr: sharandoss
    Flickr: Erik Mörner / Creative Commons / Flickr: morner

    —submitted by MaryAnne

    19. ...and late-night drives along the glittering lakeshore make you fall in love with the city all over again.

    Flickr: Chris Smith / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cjsmithphotography

    —submitted by MaryAnne

    20. Even though Chicago's home to nearly three million people, community areas — plus all its nooks and crannies — make the city feel like a snug little home.

    Flickr: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: onasill

    —submitted by Heart Burn, Facebook, and Sarah

    21. While Chicago isn't cheap, it's still more affordable than its East and West Coast cousins.

    Flicrk: hermitsmoores / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hermitsmoores

    It really is.

    —submitted by Shelly

    22. And on top of that, you'd be hard-pressed to find a big city that's cleaner and more beautiful than Chi-Town USA.

    Sergiyn / Getty Images

    —submitted by Maggie Karabel, Facebook

    23. But the best part is, no matter how far you go, Chicago stands ready to welcome you back home.

    Flickr: Christopher / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: christopherf

    —submitted by Sarah

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