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    Updated on Oct 26, 2019. Posted on Oct 23, 2019

    14 "Oh You Like __?" Tweets That Are Ridiculously, Stupidly Funny

    "Oh you like your credit card? Name every number on it."

    We all have things we like — and maybe even love — that we like sharing with other people. But beware: The "Oh you like __?" meme is here to challenge just how deep your obsessions go.

    It seems to have started last month when @ULTRAGLOSS sent this tweet illustrating the way men sooo often talk to women:

    men be like oh you like movies???? name all of them

    Since then, the format has taken on a life of its own — and no one is safe. Below are 14 other hilarious examples.


    oh you like history? name everything that's happened


    oh you’re a feminist? name every woman


    oh you like your credit card? name every number on it


    Oh you love therapy? Name three good therapists in my area and what insurance they take



    oh you like music? name every song


    oh you like men? name every toxic trait


    oh you like the earth? name every person


    oh you like pop punk? name every goddamn door


    oh you’re an art student? name every family member you’ve disappointed



    Oh you’re a Warren supporter? Name every single one of her plans


    oh you like me ? name every single thing about me


    men be like oh you like comics???? name all of them


    oh you like twitter? name three responsibilities you’re ignoring to be on it right now

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