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    19 "Cheer" Memes I Honestly Can't Stop Laughing At

    "I want to binge the rest of Cheer, but I know Monica would want me to go to bed at a reasonable hour, and we're not letting her down in this house."

    Three weeks after Cheer dropped on Netflix, it's still all anyone can talk about.

    "Cheer" title card with cheerleaders in a pyramid formation

    For those out of the loop, the six-part docuseries follows Navarro College's competitive cheer squad in the run-up to the National Cheerleading Championship. But for those in the loop, we rounded up 19 hilarious memes fans of the show have posted over the last few days. Here they are.


    Boss: So, what are your career goals? Me: I want to cheer for Navarro. I mean, I’m 35 and I’ve never cheered before, but I feel like Monica would be able to see my commitment and give me a shot. Boss: what? Me: what? #CheerNetflix


    Sherbs: “I trust everyone on this team to catch me” Everyone on the team: #CheerNetflix


    *anything awkward or uncomfortable happens* Monica, somewhere: Hey y’all work on your stunts for a minute. #cheer


    me six hours ago: now what’s this #CheerNetflix show everyone keeps talking about... me, sobbing while watching the finale just now: DOGS SNIFF WHERE? PEE YEW! YEAH! PERIOD! TASTES LIKE CHICKEN! SHARK BAIT! HOO HA HA! WELCOME TO THE RING OF FIRE! THE RING OF FIRE! YEAH!


    lexi getting quizzed on which navarro alumni had the flu at daytona nationals 2009 #CheerNetflix


    Me before watching #CheerNetflix : eh... unsure. *2 episodes later* IF JERRY ISNT ON THE MUTHER FUCKN MAT WE RIOT AT DAWN 🤬


    When you just fell off the Pyramid and Monica tells you to get up and run it again. #CheerNetflix #Cheer


    me at the Navarro tryouts this year after binging all of #CheerNetflix last night


    still me working out how the hell Sherbs fell 🤔 #CheerNetflix


    Me: “I’ll watch one episode of #CheerNetflix just to see...” *All 6 episodes later*


    Me to husband: Why aren’t you sleeping? Husband: I don’t understand why Gabi’s mom said eggs are dairy. #cheernetflix


    Monica when half the pyramid falls on their head, a few ribs get cracked, and everyone is wheezing #Cheer #Navarro


    Me explaining to my husband why I'm crying over a docuseries about cheerleading. #CheerNetflix


    I want to binge the rest of #CheerNetflix but i know Monica would want me to go to bed at a reasonable hour and we're not letting her down in this house.



    Gabi Butler’s parents getting her back to Navarro when they found out they were shooting a season 2 #CheerNetflix


    I don't even know Jerry but he can have one of my kidneys if he ever needs it. #CheerNetflix


    Live footage of Monica on the morning of Daytona #CheerNetflix


    Monica when one of the girls gets a concussion #CheerNetflix