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21 Times The Internet Nailed What Having A Roommate Is Actually Like

"I am the backbone of this household."

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1. It never fails:

when u all of a sudden rly need to pee but then u hear your roommate turn on the shower

3. This Oscar-worthy performance:

Me when my roommate says she's going home for the weekend and I gotta act like I'm not ecstatic I'm gonna be alone

4. When you let it all hang out:

when your roommate leaves for a long weekend and you don't have to wear clothes at home for the next four days


10. But god help your roomie when they get caught:

When you hear your roommate downstairs eating your leftovers


16. When it's literally impossible to stay healthy:


19. When the walls are too thin:

When your roommate is giving her the D in the other room and you have to act like nothing is happening