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24 Hilariously Accurate Ways To Sum Up College In Just Five Words

"Goodbye, childhood. Hello, student loans." #collegein5words

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We recently asked BuzzFeed Community Twitter followers to summarize college in just five words. Here are their all-too-real responses.

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1. "Goodbye, childhood. Hello, student loans."

@BuzzFeeders goodbye childhood. Hello student loans.

2. "The final exam is cumulative."

@BuzzFeeders "The final exam is cumulative."

3. "It is in the syllabus."

@BuzzFeeders "It is in the syllabus."


4. "Screw it, let's get drunk."

5. "Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!"

@BuzzFeeders shots shots shots shots shots

6. "I'm never ever drinking again."

@BuzzFeeders I'm never ever drinking again #collegein5words


7. "I have no clean underwear."

@BuzzFeeders I have no clean underwear #collegein5words

8. "I need a coffee IV."

@BuzzFeeders I need a coffee IV.

9. "You forgot to reference that."

@BuzzFeeders "You forgot to reference that."

10. "Is there a student discount?"

@BuzzFeeders "Is there a student discount?" #collegein5words


11. "Slept in and missed class."

@BuzzFeeders slept in and missed class #collegein5words

12. "Where is the free food?"

@BuzzFeeders Where is the free food?

13. "How much was the curve?"

@BuzzFeeders how much was the curve? #CollegeIn5Words


14. "Pick two: sleep, study, party."

@BuzzFeeders Pick Two: Sleep, Study, Party. #collegein5words

15. "Woke up like this: hungover."

@BuzzFeeders woke up like this, hungover. #collegein5words

16. "A degree you won't use."

@JMPoff @BuzzFeeders #CollegeIn5Words A Degree You Won't Use

17. "Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza."

@BuzzFeeders Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza


18. "I'm an adult now. SHOTS!"

@BuzzFeeders I'm an adult now, SHOTS

19. "Who's driving to Taco Bell?"

@BuzzFeeders Who's driving to Taco Bell?

20. "Free food tastes the best."

@BuzzFeeders free food tastes the best. #collegein5words


21. "Finals = never having enough tissues."

@BuzzFeeders #collegein5words Finals= never having enough tissues

22. "I had coffee for dinner."

23. "Sleep is for the weak."

@BuzzFeeders #collegein5words Sleep is for the weak.

24. "Heaven has no GPA requirement."

@BuzzFeeders heaven has no GPA requirement

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