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26 Designers Who Should Be Arrested, Booked, And Charged With Crimes Against Design

My eyes, my eyes!!!

1. This designer whose fancy rugs look like they've been pooped on:

0xford_llama / Via

2. This graphic designer who put a picture from 9/11 in a pizza restaurant's collage:

Ouvolo / Via

3. Whoever designed this bus stop for rainless days only:


4. Whoever designed this very indirect sidewalk:

texturedpolygon / Via

5. This costume designer who wholly committed to this donut design:

miketutaj / Via

6. Whoever designed this sink-toilet combo with a slide in the middle:

batataqw89 / Via

7. Whoever thought people wanted to watch themselves poop over and over and over again:

F33DBACK__ / Via

8. This furniture designer who likes to watch people suffer:

bobmarno / Via

9. Whoever put translucent doors on these bathroom stalls:

hi_fbi / Via

10. This graphic designer who clearly hates kids:

Gummie / Via

11. This shoe designer who basically put suction cups on the soles of these Adidas:

pateOrade / Via

12. Whoever designed this toilet seat to look like it was covered in pee:

The_Brolander / Via

13. This interior designer who picked out this flooring for a HOSPITAL:

CptDobey / Via

14. And this interior designer who picked out this carpet for a STAIRWELL:

M3strefi / Via

15. Whoever designed this rose-print bedspread that looks like a crime scene:

Fauconwill / Via

16. This graphic designer who made it look as if this woman is shitting water:

kronograf / Via

17. This packaging designer who put plastic wrap on a book about...using less plastic:

Qudufy_Duck / Via

18. Whoever designed this hoodie but forgot about the hood:

m_delacour / Via

19. Whoever designed this glow-in-the-dark clock without glow-in-the-dark hands:

Bl0rgasmorg / Via

20. And whoever designed this "clock" with zero regard for its actual use:

patchestheshark / Via

21. This graphic designer who gave a tooth genitals:

Dylflon / Via

22. Whoever designed this and thought it was OK:

GelatinSkeleton3 / Via

23. This furniture designer who found a way to make this bench totally useless:

Koekoeksklok88 / Via

24. This graphic designer who should never be allowed near Photoshop (or animals) ever again:

Labby92 / Via

25. Whoever designed this cup to poke people's eyes out:

Audio5Nick / Via

26. And finally, this graphic designer whose wall art is actually impossible to read:

Bitemarkz / Via

H/T r/CrappyDesign.