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21 Vending Machines From Around The World That Are Already Living In 3018

Why aren't these everywhere???

1. This vending machine prepares a pizza in less than three minutes:

2. This vending machine organizes foods and drinks by how healthy they are:

3. This machine gives you your money back if a product becomes stuck, so no more banging on the glass:

4. This Skittles machine lets you control the ratio of colors in your order (no orange for me, TYSM):

5. This machine squeezes fresh orange juice right in front of your eyes:

6. This Ikea vending machine sells spare parts since you'll inevitably lose a screw at some point:

7. This vending machine sells fresh baguettes:

8. This vending machine in Vancouver sells WEED:

9. This vending machine at a local library lets people check out a laptop:

10. This drunk person's dream come true serves up French fries in just two minutes:

11. This vending machine at a school sells school supplies, meaning you can finally tell Becky to go buy her own stinkin' pencils:

12. This vending machine in upstate New York sells different cuts of meat 24/7:

13. This machine in Japan sells umbrellas, and I want to know why these aren't everywhere already:

14. This vending machine with a built-in ID scanner sells CHAMPAGNE:

15. And this one sells whole crates of beer:

16. This airport vending machine sells inexpensive jackets:

17. This vending machine in South Korea sells beautiful bouquets:

18. This school vending machine is basically a virtual CVS pharmacy:

19. This ~Art⋆O⋆Mat~ sells local artwork so you can now call yourself a patron of the arts:

20. This vending machine in Switzerland sells cheese, glorious cheese:

21. And finally, this vending machine sells treats for your furry friend: