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    15 Elevators From Around The World That Are Already Living In 3018

    Up, up, and away!

    1. The elevator in One World Trade Center shows you the evolution of the New York skyline as you go up:

    YouTube: Fox5NY / Via

    2. The up/down light for this elevator also has an umbrella that lights up if it's raining outside:

    u/eigosensei / Via

    3. And this elevator bank takes it a step further:

    u/bigmetsfan / Via

    4. This hotel elevator goes THROUGH an actual aquarium:

    Instagram: @radissonbluberlin / Via

    5. There's a second call button for these elevators 30 feet away so that the elevator arrives just as you get to it:

    u/altavi / Via

    6. This elevator has buttons you can tap with your feet:

    u/CarlosWan / Via

    7. This cruise ship elevator shows the day of the week on the floor so vacationeers don't totally lose track of time:

    u/golfcrazenes18 / Via

    8. This elevator has a second alarm button near the floor:

    u/xkaia / Via

    9. This elevator has a CHAMPAGNE BAR in it:

    u/WorkFriendlyAcct / Via

    10. You can play Twister while riding this elevator:

    u/xsited1 / Via

    11. This apartment building elevator has a button that turns on a sign outside the building to hail a taxi for you while you're on the way down:

    u/sonofabarbara / Via

    12. This elevator has an anti-static pad to prevent you from getting shocked when you touch the panel:

    u/DatCutelilBunny / Via

    13. This elevator has a scale so passengers don't pack in and exceed the weight limit:

    u/Tremendous_Red_Tie / Via

    14. This elevator has two different ways of telling people where the vending machines are (lol):

    15. And finally, this brilliant elevator advertisement:

    u/TheMotherConspiracy / Via

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