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17 Bathrooms That Are Straight-Up Living In The Future

Public bathrooms don't have to be awful.

1. This movie theater bathroom has screens in the floor so you don't miss a single second:

u/FPS- / Via

2. This bathroom door handle doubles as a hand sanitizer dispenser, preventing recontamination:

u/Whippity / Via

3. This bathroom has a urine color chart so you can easily tell if you're dehydrated:

u/Miztermustard / Via

4. The bathroom in this sushi restaurant has two soaps so that your hands are always clean but not always fragrant:

u/Allformygain / Via

5. The stall doors in this bathroom have an overlap so you don't awkwardly make eye contact with someone through the crack:

u/Won_and_dun / Via

6. This bathroom has an electrical outlet in each stall so you don't get stuck on the toilet with a dead battery:

u/drrhrrdrr / Via

7. This bathroom has a real-time display of vacant stalls so you never have to peep under the door ever again:

u/bongoballseks / Via

8. And this bathroom has LEDs on the stalls to let people know whether they're occupied:

u/carloschq / Via

9. This bathroom comes with a child seat so parents can take care of business while also keeping their kid safe and sound:

u/SH4Z4M / Via

10. The wet floor sign in this bathroom doesn't just warn you about the problem — it does something about it, too:

u/WFS12 / Via

11. This bathroom lets you choose what kind of toilet paper you want to use:

u/TheresNo42 / Via

12. And this bathroom gives you THREE different cleaning options PLUS moisturizer:

u/Unsung-torpidity / Via

13. The environmentally friendly toilets in this bathroom flush with harvested rainwater:

u/Dark-Child99 / Via

14. The stalls in this bathroom have small mirrors on the wall so you can double check your derrière:

u/ptlepore / Via

15. The bathroom mirror in this fast-food restaurant doubles as a TV so you can wash your hands AND get caught up on the news at the same time:

u/tigerk40 / Via

16. The urinals in this bathroom have shoe guards to ~stop the splash~:

slh7d / Via

17. And, finally, the toilets in this bathroom can play white noise to cover up any potentially embarrassing sounds:

u/mikieliza / Via