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    Well, Well, Well, Look What Gen Z Is Up To

    You can't blame millennials for everything.

    As a millennial, I've helped kill a LOT of things: doorbells (we can't afford homes, duh), napkins (we're slobs???), the entire oil industry (the world is literally melting)...the list goes on and on.

    But millennials aren't the only ones with blood on their hands. Gen Z, it seems, has been on QUITE a killing spree too, and its victims are everywhere.

    1. Gen Z is killing Facebook AS WE SPEAK.

    2. And they're RUINING music festivals for their elders.

    3. RIP, cash money. You had a good run.


    5. They're trying to kill sex. SEX!

    6. And they're killin' off weed too.

    7. Television is a goner.

    8. I thought radio was already dead, but let's blame that on Gen Z too!

    9. They're murdering the "meat case" which is already technically dead???

    10. Someone stop them!!!!!!

    11. When will it end?

    12. Clothing giants? DEAD.

    13. Luxe retailers = ☠️

    14. OMG DED RIP.