• jondos

      Get our your wallets folks. If Obama prevails we shall ALL be paying for the Fruits of his Labors. Goooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooo. Can’t wait for $10.00 gas and $12.00 eggs. Can’t wait for my electricity bills to “necessarally skyrocket”. Oh, and I can’t wait for that international tax that the United Nations has been begging for. Yeah, kids, don’t you just love “redistribution” on a global level. Yup, yup, nothing like “expendable income” going down the Big Government money pit! Boy, Oh Boy, I cannot wait! Hey, and maybe President Obama can find a few more Americans to assassinate. Sure, just slap that good ole “terrorist” label on them and we are good to go. Game, set and drone strike. We won’t mind here, will we kids?

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