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    36 Things That'll Make You Wish You Had A Time Machine So You Could Go Back In Time And Buy Them Sooner

    Even if you (tragically) don't have access to a time machine, it's never too late to add these helpful products to your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bleach-free, no-scrub WET & FORGET (!) weekly shower spray that could've saved you from having to use so much elbow grease every time you cleaned your shower.

    Before: a dirty shower floor; after: the clean shower floor

    2. A car seat gap filler so you can stop struggling to dig for your phone, keys, or anything else that tends to fall into the dreaded black hole between the seats.

    The gap filler between the seat and console

    3. A fabric defuzzer that might've saved some of your favorite tops you got rid of because they were covered in lint, pilling, and fuzz that seemed like it'd never come off. This'll remove all that stuff, making your fave pieces look good as new!

    4. Some shower steamers you'll wonder how you went so long without. Just place one in the corner of your shower to release calming fragrances while you unwind after a long day.

    The steamers next to their packaging

    5. A pack of shelf dividers so you can stop wincing every time you look at your clothes messily piled on top of each other.

    6. A beeswax wood polisher that might have made some past furniture replacements unnecessary. Next time, before you kick your scratched up coffee table to the curb and spend a bunch of $$$ on a new one, try this! It'll make all those dings and imperfections disappear like magic so your old things look brand new.

    7. A variety pack of Truff sauces — featuring the Original, Hotter, and White Truff hot sauces — whose complex flavor will change the way you think about hot sauce forever.

    8. A SodaStream so you can stop shelling out for pricey bottles of sparkling water and start making your own!

    9. A perfect little wicker laundry hamper ingeniously designed to fit neatly in the corner so it doesn't take up too much floor space. Plus, it comes with its own removable cotton canvas laundry bag, and is way cuter than a hamper has any business being. This should've been your hamper all along, but better late than never!

    The hamper with a towel inside

    10. A super cool floating bedside table so you can stop lining your bedroom floor with half-empty mugs just waiting to be knocked over. It takes up less space than a regular night stand, and easily attaches to your bed frame so you can keep your essentials within reach at all times.

    11. Some septic-safe garbage disposal cleaner to help you put an end to spending time concocting DIY solutions and getting elbow deep in last week's veggies, only to find that your sink still smells. This stuff gets up close and personal with the gross stuff so you don't have to. Just stand back and watch it bubble and fizz its way through all the odor-causing grime.

    12. A posture corrector that's surprisingly comfortable, can be worn discreetly under clothing, and will help you break bad habits that aren't doing your back any favors. If you've been ~slacking~ on maintaining good posture, there's no time to start like the present!

    Reviewer wearing the posture corrector

    13. A simply perfect tortilla press kit that'll help you forget about all the years you weren't making homemade tortillas. This beautiful, high-quality press is super easy to use. Plus, it's made in Mexico out of old Singer sewing machines and will look stunning on your counter.

    Bright red tortilla maker with balls of dough beside flat, finished pieces

    14. Some all-natural bottle cleaning tablets that'll bring your stained, smelly, and off-tasting bottles and thermoses back to life, without any scrubbing or effort required on your part!

    Reviewer before, during, and after images of a thermos using the tablets

    15. A subscription to Home Chef that's here to take the stress out of meal time. Just pick and customize your meals for the week, and pre-portioned ingredients will be delivered right to your door with easy-to-follow step by step recipes! Plus, they offer everything from five-minute to 30+ minute meals to accommodate your ever-fluctuating schedule.

    A topdown view of a meatball, potato, and pea dish

    16. A reusable tote that would've saved you every time you really could've used an extra bag. It folds down until it's teeny-tiny, so you can just conveniently toss it into your purse until you need it.

    17. An amazing drill brush kit to make cleaning your tub and shower area much faster and easier. Instead of furiously scrubbing away and still winding up with mixed results, just attach the brush head to your drill, turn it on, and and let it do the hard work better and more quickly.

    18. Some toothpaste squeezers with built-in stands that'll make you wonder why you ever struggled trying to squeeze out every last drop by hand. These'll help you waste less toothpaste while keeping the area around your sink a little tidier.

    19. A bath overflow drain cover so you can finally enjoy a bath in your shallow tub without your overflow drain making that obnoxious gulping sound. This'll give you few extra inches of toasty water to relax in, while still ensuring that your tub doesn't overflow.

    The drain cover overtop of the overflow drain in a full bath

    20. A 26-inch dryer vent coil brush that makes it so much easier to remove lint and dust build-up around the house. Plus, removing blockage from refrigerators, dryers, and other vents can help keep your electric bill from going through the roof.

    The coil brush being used to scrape out lint buildup effectively

    21. A pocket-sized Tile Mate that would've come in handy every time you misplaced your keys, wallet, or anything else you tend to lose. Just attach it to the item of your choice, and the next time you can't find it, you'll be able to use the Tile app on your smartphone to make your missing object ring until you track it down!

    A Tile on a key ring with keys next to a phone displaying the app

    22. An over-the-drain hair stopper you'll wish you'd invested in before your poor drain was all clogged up.

    Split image of the reviewer holding the hair stopper in their hands and of the hair stopper surrounded by hair when placed over the drain

    23. A washable sponge so you can stop buying and throwing away disposable ones. Just pop this one in the washing machine or dishwasher when it gets gross, let it air dry, and it's good as new!

    A sponge with a floral design and mesh overlay sits in a wooden bowl

    24. A bidet toilet attachment so you can save on toilet paper and feel sooooo much cleaner after doing your business. It's very easy to install yourself, and after trying it, you'll never want to go back to your pre-bidet life.

    25. Some Avarelle tea tree and calendula oil-infused pimple patches that would've come in handy every time an uninvited pimple showed up just in time for your big event. These actually help reduce acne overnight (!) by drawing out pus trapped under the skin. Even reviewers who thought they'd tried it all were blown away by how you can literally see the gunk these patches pull out.

    Review image of the patches covered in gunk

    26. A bottle of Daydreamer Face Wash that manages to be *both* gentle and powerful so you can wash your face without it feeling all tight and dry after. Soothing plant extracts help calm and rehydrate your skin without stripping it of its natural oils, and the lavender scent is perfect for helping you get into sleep mode after a long day.

    hand holding the white bottle of face wash

    27. Some streak-free anti-fog spray that could've made the past year of unprecedented mask-wearing a lot more bearable. But it's not just for glasses! You can also use it on face shields, car windows, shower glass, and more!

    A reviewer image of a person wearing unfogged glasses with their face mask holding up the spray

    28. An ergonomic desk chair your back will wish you'd gotten a looooooooong time ago.

    The mesh back black task chair with arm rests

    29. A heavy-duty car trash bag that looks much tidier than a backseat full of old fast food bags.

    30. A rapid egg cooker that could've made your hectic mornings a little less stressful. This impressive lil' thing can make hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs in just a few minutes so you can feed the whole fam or meal prep for the week with minimal effort!

    The egg cooker surrounded by eggs

    31. Some cruelty-free, vegan-friendly body wash to help you leave dry skin in the past where it belongs! This body wash is made with a blend of essential oils to help nourish and cleanse your skin without drying it out.

    The bottle of body wash

    32. A handcrafted mortar and pestle for making pastes, crushing spices, and expanding the flavors you use in your cooking — especially if you feel like you've been in a rut for a while.

    Tall wooden bowl with rounded stamping spoon

    33. A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets that'll help save you from constantly having to re-wash dishes that've already been through a cycle. If your dishwasher has been slackin' on the job, say goodbye to endless home remedies and wondering if it's time to splurge on a new machine. These lil' tabs might be all you need!

    Reviewer photo showing a cup and silverware before and after using the cleaning tablets

    34. Some plant-powered bathroom cleaner so you can stop spraying gross, harsh chemicals all over your bathroom and actually feel good about what you're using to clean the room where you get clean.

    The bathroom cleaner in its bottle

    35. A cruelty-free Glossier eyebrow gel that deserves to take a ~brow~ and get a standing ovation for being so good at thickening eyebrows and keeping them in place. Plus, It's super easy to use, and doesn't get stiff or flakey like other gels.

    36. And finally, a vibrating scalp massager that'll give you a lil' head massage every time you wash your hair and make you wonder why you haven't been using it forever.

    Brb, just gonna add a few things to my cart real quick:

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