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    45 Things That'll Help You Love Where You Live Even More

    If your home's aesthetic is feeling a little ~yawn~ lately, this post is here to help.

    1. A gorgeous three-drawer accent dresser that's basically a work of art! The mirrored surface and intricate geometric wooden overlays are simply stunning, and you can even get a matching cabinet if you want a companion piece in the same style.

    The wooden three-drawer table with mirrored drawers geometric accents

    2. Some solar-powered hummingbird wind chimes – they're beautiful during the day and STUNNING at night. They slowly change colors and can be hung both inside and outside to add a soothing vibe to your space.

    The hummingbird wind chimes against a dark night sky

    3. An outdoor rocking chair that comes in a variety of cool colors that'll ~rock~ your socks off.

    4. A pack of adorable fruit coasters for a ~sweet~ way to make your furniture more fun while guarding against stains and rings.

    A glass sitting on one of the fruit coasters, surrounded by others

    5. A cute kitchen cart *on wheels* for anyone who's running low on surfaces and cabinet space. It includes two hidden adjustable shelves, three storage drawers, a spice rack, and a convenient towel bar — plus the stainless-steel top is super easy to keep clean!

    6. Some interlocking teak tiles that'll trick your feet into thinking you've permanently moved into a spa resort.

    7. An elegantly arched floor lamp with a hanging drum that’ll ~elevate~ any room you put it in. You can adjust the arc however you like, connect it to Alexa and Google Home for hands-free use, *and* keep the small, but strong marble bass conveniently out the way.

    The floor lamp with a round base, big arch, and hanging drum lampshade

    8. A set of cute carriage-style magnets to add some charm to your plain ol' garage door.

    9. A ceramic planter that comes in a variety of colors to give your plants an aesthetically pleasing home. Plus, it has a drainage hole on the bottom to prevent overwatering and a saucer base to catch excess water without a mess.

    The planter with a gold stripe in the middle holding a small plant

    10. And a cute set of pots that can be hung from balcony railings or any other ledge so you always have some green friends to hang out with. You can even use them to make a cool plant wall!

    11. A modern boho-style three-piece bistro set with two chairs and a matching glass top table that's ideal for small spaces. Plus, it'll make any yard, porch, or patio look instantly more fashionable.

    reviewer image of the black set styled on a small patio

    12. A durable Moroccan-style suede pouf that arrives unstuffed so you can fill it to your preferred firmness with towels, blankets, or clothes that you don't use all the time. It works great as a footrest, extra seating, or visually appealing storage that doubles as decor to help avoid clutter!

    The brown circular pouf with a vertical line pattern around the entire thing

    13. A blanket ladder for anyone whose space could use some rustic farmhouse vibes. It's made from recycled and reclaimed wood, and the rungs are great for storing blankets and clothes — but are also wide enough for books, plants, pictures, toys and more!

    The ladder leaning against a wall and holding a blanket on each rung in a living room

    14. Connectable Edison bulb string lights that'll make the people next door wonder if a cute little cocktail bar has moved into the neighborhood.

    15. A velvet accent chair with a petal-back design, gold metal legs, and a padded seat that'll make you feel like you're sitting in a comfy lil' flower!

    The petal chair in blush with a flower-shaped back and four gold legs

    16. An impressively detailed, dual color moon-shaped light to add a cozy lunar glow that'll make your space feel a lil' more soothing.

    17. A minimalist rustic end table with a drawer and leather hammock that's both practical and fashionable! It's perfect for storing books, blankets, and other small items. Plus it looks super cute whether you decide you want it in the living room or right next to your bed.

    18. An adjustable height tufted headboard that's way nicer looking (and more comfortable) than jamming your bed right up against the cold, hard wall.

    The blue tufted headboard with a slightly curved shape on a queen bed

    19. Some chalkboard paint that just might make your kitchen feel like a cute little restaurant. Now, you can dress up your walls with funny messages, cute doodles, and more, knowing you can just wipe it clean and start fresh anytime!

    A kitchen wall painted with the chalkboard paint, with the words "The Kitchen's CLOSED on Sunday" written in chalk

    20. A sleek, two-drawer mid-century inspired accent or end table that’ll make any room look like it's straight out of a magazine! It even comes in a variety of colors to ensure that it fits with the rest of your home's aesthetic.

    The square nightstand with four round legs and three drawers with circular handles

    21. A cool hammock chair you'll love hangin' around in.

    22. Some beach stone vases made from stones found on New England riverbanks and beaches that'll look stunning on your counter.

    23. Some color-changing, dimmable lightbulbs you can control from your phone to add some extra atmosphere...whenever you want!

    24. Or some color-changing, self-adhesive LED light strips that make it easy to change the vibe of the room with your mood. You can switch the color and dim the lights via remote control. Plus, the strips are easy to cut and link together to get the size just right for your space.

    25. A stylish outdoor rug to ensure that you have the classiest patio in the neighborhood!

    reviewer image of patio rug styled under outside dining table

    26. A sleek (but ventilated!) cable box cleverly designed to hide those ugly piles of tangled cords cluttering up your floor space.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    27. A prismatic window film – it's easy to stick on any glass surface for an extra layer of privacy *and* some gorgeous rainbow reflections that'll make your space feel a little more magical.

    28. A set of solid brass, textured cabinet drawer pulls and knobs that look and feel way more luxurious than what was on the cabinets when you moved in.

    three knurled solid brass pulls and three knurled solid brass knobs on a black surface

    29. A cute tissue box cover you'll wanna keep stocked at all times because of how fun it is to pull tissues out of the chimney.

    The tissue box covers sitting on a stack of books

    30. A