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    23 Products For Your Dog Who Won’t Stop Chewing Everything You Own

    If you're currently mourning yet another pair of shoes gone too soon, this post is for you.

    1. A Kong toy that'll keep your doggo occupied for hours. You can even fill it with treats or kibble to make it *much* more attractive than, say, your brand-new sofa.

    A dog chewing on the Kong toy

    2. A stick chew toy that mimics the texture of real wood so maybe they'll stop gnawing on the legs of your expensive coffee table.

    A dog chewing on the stick toy

    3. A shoe chew toy for any pup with a taste for fashion AKA any dog whose favorite chew toy is your favorite footwear.

    4. A Pet Tunes Bluetooth speaker that comes preloaded with 90 minutes of calming music developed by a sound behaviorist to relax your anxious fur baby. Anxiety can lead to destructive chewing, so sometimes soothing your pet can be more effective than disciplining them in a frightening way or resorting to medications.

    5. Some yummy peanut butter cookie treats you can use to reward your pooch when they listen to you and drop that fancy pillow they've been chewin' on all morning.

    The cookies next to their packaging

    6. A stimulating activity mat to keep your pups occupied and out of trouble when they're bored, anxious, and feeling a little...destructive. Try hiding treats or kibble in there to ensure that it has their *full* attention.

    Two dogs with their noses in the activity mat

    7. A bottle of bitter apple spray you can spray on your belongings to make them taste bad to your pupper who just won't stop chewing. Of course, some dogs inexplicably find this flavor delicious so it's worth testing a little bit out to make sure they *actually* hate it before coating your whole house in the stuff.

    8. A cult-favorite dog toy that includes a plush log and three squeaky chipmunks you can hide inside to keep your pupper busy in moments when you can't keep an eye on them. Plus now they can finally fulfill their dreams of being a proud chipmunk hunter.

    A dog sitting next to the toy, which looks like a log with chipmunks sticking their heads out

    9. A pet corrector that emits a harmless hiss of air to interrupt chewing or barking for dogs who just don't seem to understand the word NO.

    Reviewer holding the pet corrector as two dogs look up at it

    10. Some wood polish and conditioner to repair the scratched and chewed up furniture your dogs have already gotten to.

    11. A durable glow-in-the-dark ball that'll make nighttime less boring for doggos who react to boredom by finding something to chew that doesn't belong to them.

    Reviewer photo of a dog holding the glowing ball in its mouth

    12. A small, but durable squeaker toy to distract pups who don't seem to ~carrot~ all about how many of your personal belongings they've destroyed.

    The toy shaped like a carrot

    13. A ball launcher that'll help tucker your pupper out so they have *zero* energy left to be destructive.

    14. A personalized Bark of America chew toy, because maybe if your pup has their own credit card, they'll realize how much money it costs to replace a chewed up couch. This one's going on your tab, Fido!

    Model holding the toy, which looks like a credit card with the dog's name on it

    15. A durable chew toy with multiple textures that massages your dog's gums and will help them forget all about the sweet, sweet mouthfeel of your TV remote.

    16. A soup dumpling chew toy for anyone who's ever turned their back for like a second, only to turn back around and find their fur baby chomping on their takeout. Now your pup has their own delicious-looking toy to keep them busy while you eat the real stuff in peace for once.

    The toy that looks like like three soup (with cute smiling faces) dumplings in a steamer

    17. A multifunctional ball and rope toy you can hide treats in to keep your dog occupied while you're busy *or* use to play tug of war until they're so tired that chewing is the last thing they feel like doing.

    Lab puppy with chew toy

    18. Or a simple rope toy for the pets who are perfectly satisfied with a plain ol' rope to whip around and chew on...instead of turning your nice carpet into their favorite chew toy.

    19. A flavored chew toy that's *way* tastier than your oven mitts, shoes, or whatever else your fur baby loves to destroy. It comes in bacon, chicken, peanut butter, and original flavor, plus the ridges and nubs remove plaque and tartar to help promote good doggy dental health!

    20. A durable rubber puzzle ball you can stuff with treats to keep your pup engaged for hours so they'll forget all about their big plans to chew up your favorite hat.

    A pit bull chewing on the treat ball

    21. A set of squeaky woodland animal plush toys to keep your pupper occupied and out of mischief when you have other things to do. Plus, it doesn't contain any stuffing, so even if your dog tears through it, you won't come home to a huge mess.

    22. An incredibly tough bone ideal for larger breeds and intense chewers. They'll love the bacon and steak flavor that packs way more umami than your comparatively bland sofa cushions.

    23. And finally, a sturdy, personalized pet toy storage basket so they have their own dang furniture to chew on!

    Your dog when you ask who ate all the toilet paper:

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