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    29 Problem-Solving Products That'll Make You Feel Like You're Living In The Future

    Welcome to the year 3020, where anything is possible.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wireless charger because tangled cables are sooooo 21st century.

    Model's hand putting a phone onto the black rectangle charging pad

    2. A hands-free stirrer – everyone has their own robot sous-chef in the future.

    3. Or a CHEF iQ smart pressure cooker if you're looking for a robot with a little more head chef potential. You can connect it to your phone via the CHEF iQ app to control and monitor your settings and discover guided recipes that'll send their precise parameters straight to your cooker. It does most of the work, using a built-in scale, smart sensors, auto pressure release, 1,000+ presets, and more to make your old pressure cooker feel like it's from the 1600s.

    The cooker sitting on a counter top

    4. A rechargeable lighter so you can stop running out of lighter fluid and doing all kinds of acrobatics to get your ancient gas station lighter to give you just one more flame.

    5. A spinning makeup brush cleaner because cleaning and drying your brushes by hand takes forever, and you definitely don't have time for that! So, why not let this device do the work for you? It swirls your brushes in soapy water until leftover makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris are gone, and then spins the brush until it's dry.

    6. A smart Ember Mug2 that allows you to control and view the exact temperature of your drink from your phone or smartwatch. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee and constantly having to reheat your favorite hot beverage in the microwave when you keep forgetting about it, because the future is now.

    The mug full of coffee

    7. A pocket-sized Tile Mate to make losing your keys, wallet, and phone a thing of the past! Just attach it to any items you tend to misplace, and use the Tile app on your smartphone to make your missing object ring until you track it down.

    A Tile on a key ring with keys next to a phone displaying the app

    8. An LED shower head that'll brightly display the water temperature so you can stop scalding your hand trying to find the perfect heat level every time.

    The shower head in use with the temperature displayed

    9. A Tushy bidet attachment because every toilet should have bidet capabilities by now imho! You'll use less toilet paper and feel so much cleaner and more refreshed that you'll wonder why you waited so long to get one.

    10. Some long-distance friendship lamps so that every time you touch yours, theirs lights up in a custom color, letting them know that you're thinking about them — and vice versa!

    Split-screen image of one Model touching the lamp and other seeing their's light up

    11. A reusable smart notebook that'll let you easily transfer your handwritten notes, drawings, grocery lists, etc. directly to your smart devices. Then, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and reuse!

    12. A rechargeable handbag light so you can easily see what's hiding in the depths of your bottomless tote. Plus, it doubles as a battery pack for on-the-go charging!

    An iPhone plugged into the glowing handbag light via a charging cable. The light is roughly the size of a compact mirror

    13. An illuminated doodle pillowcase cleverly made to entertain your little ones while you take a much-needed break. Use any light source (or the included light pen) to draw on the cartoon cloud or heart, and your scribble will glow for five minutes or longer before gradually fading to make room for your next creation!

    14. Some cyclops sunglasses for anyone who wants to block out harmful UV rays while looking like they're visiting from the year 3000.

    15. A robot vacuum because, idk about you, but to me, one of the future's greatest appeals is robots doing ALL of the cleaning while you hang out with your friends via hologram, take a lil' joyride in your flying car, or do literally anything else.

    A child sleeping on the floor as the robot vacuum is running

    16. A smart bottle attachment that'll be your little hydration helper by tracking when you take a sip of water and blinking to remind you when it's time to drink more to avoid the dreaded dehydration headache.

    The tear-drop shaped hydration tracker hooked onto a silicone band, which is then attached to a glass water bottle

    17. A space pen – it can write at any angle, even upside-down! You can use it to write under water, in extreme temperatures, or even in zero gravity, if you find yourself often needing to jot something down in less than ideal conditions. In other words, yes it's basically that pen from Seinfeld.

    The metal and rainbow-colored pen displayed on a table

    18. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest that tells you when to water and feed your plants, automatically turns its lights on and off, and uses its ingenious design to quickly grow herbs and veggies so they'll be fresh for you year round. No green thumb required!

    The AeroGarden in white

    19. An Echo Dot you can use to *clears throat* stream music, display the time, set alarms and timers, ask Alexa any possible question you can think of, check the news and weather, control your smart home, make hands-free calls, detect smoke alarms and glass breaking while you're away, connect to multiple Echo Dots throughout your home, and more!

    The Echo Dot 4th Gen displaying the time "9:24"

    20. Some LED faucet lights that change color based on the temperature of the water so you can be sure it isn't too hot before sticking a finger in.

    Three images of water coming out of a faucet in three different colors

    21. A sleek smart mirror that 1) lets you take live fitness classes with top trainers from your own home while 2) simultaneously tracking your performance and optimizing your experience based on your own preferences. It's on the pricier side, but the array of options it offers makes it a pretty impressive device.

    22. A wireless pocket projector in case you wanna be able to whip a full-on cinema experience out of your pocket whenever and wherever you want.

    23. A smart digital frame for anyone who gets bit by the redecorating bug more often that they can keep up with. This could be the last frame you ever buy! It allows you to upload and display an unlimited number of paintings and photos that you can cycle through whenever you want via the touchscreen or an app.

    24. A sleek and ergonomic stainless-steel spatula in case your boring old spatula isn't always up to the task.

    25. A pair of UV-blocking sunglasses with built-in Bose audio designed to allow you to comfortably and discreetly listen to music without dealing with tangled cords or worrying about losing an earbud.

    26. A temperature-regulating comforter that's a lifesaver for hot sleepers who can never get through the night without overheating. Its eco-friendly, super soft 100% eucalyptus shell is naturally breathable and remains perfectly cool to the touch throughout the night unlike polyester or down, which trap heat.

    27. A sunlight simulation alarm clock perfect for anyone who finds other alarm clocks to be a little startling. This one gently wakes you up by gradually increasing its brightness from 10% to 100%, displaying a charming sunrise right in your bedroom.

    28. A Samsung TV cleverly designed to avoid being an eyesore when not in use by disguising itself as a beautiful picture frame. The motion sensor can even detect when you're present and change the display to your favorite art whenever you enter the room!

    The television hung up in a dining room, displaying abstract art to blend in with the framed art pieces beside it

    29. And a motion-activated toilet light that'll make you wonder if a portal to the future is at the bottom of the bowl! Spoiler alert, it's (probably) not, but at least now you won't have to stumble around in the dark half asleep when all you want is to pee without completely waking yourself up or sustaining any injuries.

    You, taking a sip of perfectly hot coffee from your smart mug while your CHEF IQ whips up dinner:

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