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    25 Incredibly Clever Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

    It's time to give your tiny bathroom a makeover for the new year.

    1. Put up a shower curtain with mesh pockets to hold all of the things that usually clutter up the sides of your tub and go a-tumblin' every time you step in and out.

    The curtain with brushes, towels, tubes, and more inside its pockets

    2. Keep your hair tools from getting all tangled up by storing them in a heat-resistant styling station. You can hang this one on a towel rack for easy access or store it in a cabinet if you'd rather they be out of sight out of mind when not in use.

    The styling station holding hair tools and hanging from a towel rack

    3. Store your extra towels and bath products on a slim and stylish rolling cart that can fit almost anywhere.

    The rolling cart holding a variety of bath items in the bathroom

    4. Avoid clutter around your sink by keeping your beauty products in an acrylic organizer that holds way more than you'd expect.

    The organizer holding a variety of beauty products

    5. Hook a wire basket onto the towel bar if you're running low on cabinet space and need somewhere to stash extra items.

    The basket hung from a towel bar and holding a variety of items as well as a plant

    6. Save your drawers from devolving into chaos by organizing everything into individual containers, so you can spend less time digging for what you actually need.

    Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, cotton swabs, and more stored neatly in the containers in a drawer

    7. Fill that awkward space between the toilet and the sink with a narrow cabinet that'll give you more enclosed storage, especially if your other drawers and cabinets are pretty much maxed out at this point.

    The cabinet with its drawers opened showing the variety of items it can store next to the toilet

    8. Maximize your storage space by keeping some of your things in a spacious over-the-door organizer.

    Reviewer image of the organizer hung over a bathroom door and storing a lot of items

    9. Add some more much-needed surface area to your counter with some stackable corner shelves.

    Reviewer image of the shelves stacked on top of each other and holding a variety of bathroom essentials

    10. Take advantage of empty wall space by installing a cloud-shaped toilet paper holder that'll add some charm to your bathroom while giving you way more room to store your rolls.

    The holder installed on a bathroom wall and holding rolls of toilet paper in a cloud-like formation

    11. Gather your little ones' bath toys in a mesh net that'll help them dry properly without taking over your entire tub.

    The net holding a variety of children's bath toys and supplies

    12. Upgrade your cabinets with two-tier drawers so you can store even more and keep everything nice and accessible.

    The drawers holding cleaning products in a cabinet

    13. Stop knocking over piles of shampoo bottles by keeping them in an out-of-the-way hanging caddy that can be attached to a shower head or curtain rod.

    14. Avoid the dreaded avalanche every time you open the door to your overstuffed medicine cabinet by keeping your things in multi-compartment organizers.

    A neat-looking medicine cabinet using the organizers

    15. Hang a laundry hamper on the door so you can finally keep the floor clear of dirty towels, clothes, and laundry baskets that just take up even more of your already-limited floor space.

    The hamper hung over a door

    16. House your cotton swabs, pads, and puffs in some cute apothecary jars that'll look nice and neat on the counter.

    Three different sized jars holding cotton swabs, puffs, and other items

    17. Attach a sneaky cabinet behind the door if the storage options in your tiny bathroom are next to none. It's slim so it doesn't get in the way of the door, but also tall so it can still hold a lot!

    Model showing how the cabinet fits behind a door and holds a lot of items

    18. Add more storage options with a three-tier bamboo rack that can be wall-mounted if you are fresh out of floor space or left free-standing if you have just enough room to fit its slim profile.

    19. Stash up to 12 rolls of precious TP in a conveniently-sized stocker so you can store more at once without taking up a bunch of space. Plus, you can also use it as a safe spot to set down your phone and keep some Poo-Pourri always within reach.

    The stocker with a phone, plant, and jar on top and full of toilet paper on the inside

    20. Suction a caddy to the wall to hold everything that won't fit around the edge of your teeny tiny sink.

    21. Add a rolling organizer below your pedestal sink that, TBH, should've come with a cabinet underneath it to begin with...

    The organizer underneath a pedestal sink

    22. Let some very cute and helpful shower squids hold your essentials in their adjustable and grippy tentacles.

    Two shower squids in two different colors holding various tubes

    23. Still running out of room to store everything? Start looking upward by adding an over-the-toilet shelf to take advantage of all that under-utilized air space.

    The shelf  holding various items over the toilet

    24. Hang your towels and bath mats up to dry on a ladder that'll hold a lot more than your average towel rack without taking up a whole bunch of room.

    The ladder holding blankets, a bag, a belt, and more

    25. And finally, take advantage any empty wall space by installing some floating wall shelves that can hold everything that won't fit anywhere else.

    You, after re-organizing your entire bathroom:

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