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    • jonathanallend

      The FDA admitted in 2012 that fluoride in the levels currently in our water supply actually cause dentin LOSS, not prevent decay as they’ve been touting for years. However, the amount of fluoride recommended for city water has not changed asaresult. Maybe it doesn’t turn us into subservient idiots, but it certainly isn’t protecting us. And major studies have shown that the stuff scours our veins and allows more plaque to build up increasing risk of heart disease. It’s an absolutely unnecessary thing to add. But it’s an extremely cheap way to get rid of this toxic substance. The real conspiracy theory? Everybody who is rich is trying to stay that way even if they have to pollute the environment and kill people— Personally, ifIhad to choose an insane one, I’d have to sayIlike the Keanu Reeves conspiracy theory, even though his pics clearly show it to be silly.

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