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27 Subtitles That Have Gone Awesomely Wrong

Some things may have been lost in translation.

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1. They're taking the Hobiks to Isengard!

2. It's nice to meet you too.

3. That's a very impressive dynasty you've got there.

4. Can someone help this poor guy out?

5. At least they weren't on fire.

6. The butler's boy.

7. Got rice?

8. Meow!

9. Hulk in a nutshell.

10. Lasers go...

11. You might want to get your prescription checked out.

12. Special moves always need badass names.

13. A most considerate gentleman.

14. Oh, Loki, you so silly.

15. Don't tell the elf.

16. It's a hard-knock life.

17. Forever alone.

18. It's a pleasure to meet you.

19. What a brilliant keikaku.

20. He can tie his own shoelaces too.

21. Chirp chirp.

22. Players never give out their names.

23. It's only a time-share, though.

24. I hope they have insurance.

25. A sound corporate policy.

26. A committed relationship is a beautiful thing.

27. Moo.

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