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    • johnvairoj

      Actually, my pet Mamma Biscuit that you see in these photos isapuppy mill rescue dog that my partner andIrescued5years ago at the “old” or shallIsay “undesirable” age of 8! She endured71/2 years of absolute torture as the bitch of the breed, being forced to have puppy after puppy to sell at pet stores where most people in this country buy their pets and continue to support this industry of unethical treatment of animals! Being called the “worst” or viewing these images as being “appalling” in of itself is appalling in my opinion and I’ll tell you why! If having to endure wearingacable knit sweater paired withadiamond brooch is the “worst” my dog has to experience after being raped, poked, prodded and physically abused for the average consumer looking to buyapet instead of rescuing one prior to me having her thanIcan assure you that even the Humane Society would think you’re fucking insane and down right igbnorant! MightIadd that I’m almost positive that you, LisaHand “thecultofpop” are most likely meat eaters and contribute to the confinement and systematic torture of animals in Factory Farms onaday to day basis just to fucking eat so let’s keep things in perspective about what’s really “appalling” or behavior worthy of being “shot”!

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