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    Posted on Mar 3, 2013

    The Most Stylish Pug In America

    Mamma Biscuit rules the fashion world.

    Her name is Mamma...


    Ms. Biscuit if you're nasty

    Pretty in Pink


    Warm cozy sweater? Check. Dog Brooch to rep my kind? Check. Peeping tongue to match outfit? Check.

    A Vision in Blue


    The real Blue Steel

    Chanel Chic


    Her brooch collection is almost as big as her tongue!

    Pug Life till I Die


    "I didn't choose the pug life... the pug life chose me."

    The Dirty Derby


    This bitch rules the Kentucky Derby and every Sunday at church

    Fiercer than a gold horse statue thing


    Horses got nothing on her!

    Pearls are a girls best friend


    She don't want no blood diamonds! Mamma is anti-violence and anti-puppy mill!

    Bjork who?


    Mamma Biscuit makes the BEST dressed list!

    Pink in the Stink


    That curly tail rocks the back side with a nice pink poof and some pearls up top!

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